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Hey Community,


Just wondering how you manage your voucher codes. 

We basically have one vouchercode and would love to track that by the value that is then written in the booking engine. 
As well as having a voucher code where it is able to set how many times this vouchercode can be used. 


Investore rate -100% 
Max Mustermann is on of 200 investors and has 2 free nights. 

I would like to set the voucher “Investor” with the Value “MAXMUSTERMANN” to activate it and it can only be used 2 times in a specific time. 

Then i would like to have the value of the Voucher in the report as well.


Is this already possible? 
We often see a problem here with managing vouchers? Do you have that as well? 


Best regards




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Hi Hendrik, 

Afraid this is not possible within Mews. Additionally there are no create/delete voucher APIs available that could be used to create an automation utilising Zapier.

You could potentially use an RPA automation tool like UiPath, to create a custom automation utilising the Mews API for reservation data and a database for investors/vouchers to achieve a working system. 

I am no expert in this but the flow could go something like.. 

  1. Create database of 200 investors & unique voucher codes
  2. Uipath logs into Mews & creates Vouchers
  3. Setup Mews Reservation API query by your voucher 
  4. Store reservation events in database against correct investor
  5. When 2 nights in a period registered against an investor, delete voucher code

Please note that implementing an automation like this would require technical expertise in UiPath, Mews and the APIs. It would also be fragile, so i'd recomend weighing up the pros & cons before heading down this path.

Your requirement could be transferred to many operations, I think this would be a worthy feature request to the feedback portal

I hope this information helps! If you have any further questions, feel free to ask.

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Hi @Hendrik Renken,

thank you for this question! 💡

So, I will start with the question about limiting the number of vouchers. This is not possible at the moment, but you are not the first one to ask. So, I am sending you a link to an existing feature request. Please make sure you and your colleagues vote for it so that we can create some action around it!  ⚡

Regarding tracking the voucher codes, you are able to track the usage of the voucher, but not the voucher codes that fall under this main promotion. 

So, in my demo, I could track the overall Wedding promotions, but I won't be able to track each Wedding separately.

The workaround would be to create a completely new promotion, for each voucher, then in the Reservation report you can achieve what you are looking for 👀

I hope this helps! 🌷