Company billing is ready for gradual rollout!

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Company billing is ready for gradual rollout!

Mews is gradually rolling out company billing to all Mews properties!

This new feature simplifies the billing process by allowing company profiles to own bills and removing the burden of managing paymaster accounts. 🚀


Where can I find more information? 📚

To learn more about company billing, take a look at these Help guides:


PLEASE NOTE: Company Billing is already available for all properties in the Demo environment, so you can test it out already and get familiar with it now! 😉


What's coming?

To help you master this new feature, we are working on a Company Billing course for Mews University. 👩🎓

It will be released in the upcoming weeks, so watch out for more updates!


If you're eager to read the feedback already provided by properties participating in the beta testing, kindly navigate to this conversation.

We are looking forward to your feedback! 🌟

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