Join the beta program: Company Billing

Join the beta program: Company Billing
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Mews has been working on optimizing the corporate segment for the past 18 months, and our biggest improvement to date is about to be released.

Enroll to this beta to be the first to capitalize on: Company as an account receivable for bills.


Moving the charge directly to the company profile will offer you great advantages:

- No more unaccounted corporate bills: by streamlining the receivables process and consolidating all bills in the company profile, no corporate bills will remain forgotten.

- Simplified accounting: remove the administrative burden of managing a PayMaster on top of company profiles.

- Reduce credit risk: instead of extracting several reports to know the amount of all bills linked to a company, setup a credit limit directly in the company profile.

- Improve cash flow: by routing receivable items directly to company profiles, you can validate and send the bill directly to the company.

- Increase efficiency and guest experience: guests who are staying with a rate paid by a company won't be asked to add their credit card at check-in.


Are you interested to learn more about Company as owner of the bill? Post in the thread below to show your interest and  join our beta tester group and start sharing feedback while streamlining your corporate segment process.

If you’re interested in more beta programs that Mews is running, join this group to be kept up to date and put yourself forward.

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yes, very much interested - nobody else? :)

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Very much interested as well.

Especially the ability to see the invoices in the company profiles will help!

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very interested in joining the beta team for this group

Very interested in to join this beta group

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This new company billing is really simpler and more practical
Bravo Mathias, you can test it on the demo and it is really good👏

Hello colleagues,
This morning we tested the new invoicing in real life. It's not easy at first, but we'll get there quickly.

Here is my review:
it is always necessary to leave the possibility to the hotelier to send the invoice with the old method. In the beta version, we can no longer send the customer invoice as a debtor with the name of the company, it only offers us the pro forma.

Then big improvement to make if it is technically possible: when moving the invoice to the company, it would be good if the name of the company can be displayed directly.


See you soon


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I would like to join the beta of this.

  1. We do a lot of events, retreats and productions that have centralised corporate billing.
  2. The entire concept of paymaster is quite confusing; and we don’t enjoy the logic of removing the bill from a reservation.  It makes it difficult to find at the time of the reservation.

Thank you :)

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Question regarding routing rules, if there is a routing rule then the bill will always auto assign to the company profile? 

How about if there is a routing rule for a company that pays by VCC on each reservation? 



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Hello @Sam
Thank you for your question.
With Company billing we have extended how Routing rules work: 

  • current behaviour remain: all your existing routing rules remain the same and will assign a company to a guest bill. 
  • a new behaviour: has been added in the setting of routing rules, it is now possible to automatically move the bill to a company profile. But you will either need to manually update existing routing rules, or choose specifically this option for new routing rules created. 

in the case of VCC, we advise for now to keep current behaviour for routing rules else it will create a payment on guest profile and send the item to company profile. Please note that we are working on adding other payment methods where VCC will be handle by the company profile. 

Hope it help. 
Feel free to share any other questions, I remain available to help. 


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@coudert.mathias the new routing functionality sounds very interesting!

Right now we have to manually move items that are paid via bank transfer by OTA’s (ie. Airbnb) to a paymaster account, which is time consuming and prone to human error. This could save us a lot of work :)

I’d be very happy to be part of this beta.

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Hello Mewers,

More than excited to be part of the beta version testers !!! 
Please action in our environment.

have a great day 

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We are very interested in this functionality, pleas set it up for us! :-)

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  • a new behaviour: has been added in the setting of routing rules, it is now possible to automatically move the bill to a company profile. But you will either need to manually update existing routing rules, or choose specifically this option for new routing rules created. 

Confirming the rule is still on a “Per Company” Basis.  It is not a blanket Routing Rule that will apply to all companies?

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My other observation is that while it is excellent that the Bill assigned to a company is listed under the “Billing” tab on the Reservation.

The reverse of this is also needed.

I cannot see a way to navigate from the Company Page>Billing back to the reservation that the bill is from.  Am I missing something?

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Hello, of course we would like to use this new functionality. It would be more efficently to follow ‘City Ledger’, would allow you to make a Cie ‘Black Listed’, like we can do with ‘Guest’. Normally would also be possible to join a resume of General sales conditions, or at least remind the delay for paying the bill. So long waiting for this functionnality. TY

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Thank you @Ethros and @Mike for your feedback. I am adding it to our board.

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Hi all! 

We have a small annoyance with automatic routing functionality, the “routing rules” and “product rules” are in the wrong order.. Right now when a new booking comes in from we route all the bill items to the company, after that a product rule is triggered and adds a new bill item to the guest profile..


In my opinion the product rule should be triggered first, then the routing rule.

OR we should be able to set to route a product to a company bill automatically when certain criteria are met, this option would be my preferred method. 

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Thanks @Dirkjan for the feedback. Let me check this with the team and I ll get back to you on it. 

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@coudert.mathias ,

We’re quite happy with the company billing so far.
However, we’re really missing payment requests for companies. This would streamline the billing process and avoid unnecessary steps to first send a payment request to a fake customer profile for the company and then transferring the payment to the actual company profile.

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absolutely interested in this feature as the majority of our bookings are billed back to companies.

Hi, we would like to join the company billing!

Interested. Thanks 

Could you please advise, how do we activate company billing in our PMS? Thank you


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Thanks @RaziMews, @Maikel Heinen, @Simone I will activate it today. 


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Hi Mathias,

thank you for activating and couple of observations so far:

  • you are not able to assign the charges on a guest open bill which come under “unpaid” and need to move them first to a new bill before you are able to assign to company (not efficient way of working)
  • after you have added company info on the guest billing page, it is silly that you have to type the name of the company in again when wishing to move
  • also very annoying that the open bill doesn’t reflect it is the likes of expedia /
  • OTA payments you can’t transfer / route to the company as you will miss the card details which come via the channel manager, so when taking payment, how do you ensure the guest is not getting an automated message to warn them that payment has been taken from their card
  • we need to be able to send a payment request to companies as some will pay be (v)cc

otherwise still trying to get our head around this new way of working, but in general the consencus seems to be the previous billing & payment tab on the customer and paymaster profile was easier, so keep that the same and just let us move to the company instead of paymaster.