Weekly Community Roundup - Buzzworthy Updates

  • 17 November 2023
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Weekly Community Roundup - Buzzworthy Updates
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Dear Mews Community,

we are bringing you the weekly updates of what happened in the Community. 🌟


Elevate Your Property Operations: Mews University Live Sessions 📚

Embark on a specialized learning journey with Mews University's Live Sessions. Dive into the core of property management systems through two focused sessions:

  • Reservations in Mews: Uncover the intricacies of our user-friendly dashboard, color-coded timeline, and reservation management.
  • Billing & Rebates: Empower yourself in financial mastery, from interpreting the billing screen to managing invoices and payments.

Ready to elevate your Mews proficiency? Enroll now.

TIP OF THE WEEK: Updated Availability & Occupancy Report 📈

Exciting news! Enhancements to our Availability & Occupancy report:

  • More Data at a Glance: A new Total column for key information.
  • Improved Navigation: An intuitive interface for seamless analysis.

Explore these enhancements: Read more.

Blog: Elevating Hospitality Experiences 🚀

Delve into insights shaping modern hospitality:

  • Power of Modern POS: Stress-free experiences with digital ordering and online payments.
  • Inventory Solutions: Real-time tracking, eliminating manual stock management.
  • Streamlined Accounting: From deliveries to guest payments.

Read the full blog for actionable insights: Explore here.

Exciting News, Mews Community! 🌟

  • Major Milestone: Celebrating 5,000+ customers worldwide, with almost 40% growth this year.
  • Global Impact: A diverse community, recognized as 'World's Best Hotel PMS Solutions Provider.'
  • Thank You: Gratitude to partners and customers, shaping the future of hospitality.

Let's continue the journey together! 🌈✨

Thank you and see you next week for more updates!

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