Elevate Your Property Operations: Exclusive Live Sessions at Mews University

  • 15 November 2023
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Elevate Your Property Operations: Exclusive Live Sessions at Mews University
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At Mews, we're dedicated to advancing the competencies of hospitality professionals, ensuring they're equipped with the knowledge and tools essential for success in today's dynamic industry. Recognizing the need for specialized learning, we've honed our focus, offering exclusive Live Sessions in two critical areas: "Reservations in Mews" and "Billing & Rebates." These sessions are not just courses; they're a bridge connecting you to the forefront of operational excellence. 


Exclusive Live Sessions: A Focused Approach 

In addition to the standard curriculum of Mews University, we are pleased to offer two customized Live Sessions that are essential to the heart of property management systems: 

  1. Reservations in Mews: Delve into the extensive capabilities of the Mews reservation system with this session. It's crafted to assist you in mastering our user-friendly dashboard, streamlining reservation management, and comprehending the significance of our color-coded timeline that lies at the core of Mews' operational efficiency, plus much more. 

  1. Billing & Rebates: This essential session empowers you to handle all financial aspects within Mews with confidence. From interpreting the billing screen to managing invoices, and payments, and mastering the art of adjusting bills, this session covers the financial touchpoints crucial for seamless property operations. 


Why These Live Sessions? 

The reason behind focusing solely on these sessions is clear: we understand that Reservations and Billing form the backbone of your daily operations. Mastery in these areas leads to improved efficiency, enhanced guest satisfaction, and ultimately, a healthier bottom line for your business. 


Interactivity That Transforms Learning 

Our Live Sessions break the mold of passive learning. Conducted via Zoom with a Mews professional, these interactive sessions are your avenue to ask live questions, engage in discussions, and participate in scenarios that mimic real-life challenges. With these sessions, learning transcends the traditional bounds, fostering a collaborative and engaging environment. 


Details at a Glance 

  • Duration: 2-hour sessions designed for in-depth exploration of topics. 

  • Frequency: Weekly sessions ensuring regular upskilling opportunities. 

  • Languages Offered: English, German, Dutch, French, and Spanish to serve our diverse clientele. 

  • Format: Real-time interaction with Mews experts and peers.\ 

Join the Exclusive Club of Mews Experts 

There’s no time like the present to refine your operational expertise. With only two Live Sessions on offer, we ensure quality and focused learning without the distraction of an overloaded curriculum. Whether it's optimizing reservations or navigating the complexities of billing, these sessions are your key to operational mastery. 

Ready to elevate your Mews proficiency? 

Register now for our "Reservations in Mews" or "Billing & Rebates" Live Sessions. Seize this opportunity to transform your operational knowledge into tangible results for your property. 

Enroll in Our Live Sessions 

At Mews University, we're not just about sharing knowledge; we're about building the future of hospitality, one session at a time.

Join us. Learn with us. Grow with us. 

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