Mews University update: Company Billing course now available!

  • 1 August 2023
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Mews University update: Company Billing course now available!
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As mentioned a few weeks ago in this conversation, Mews is gradually rolling out company billing to all Mews properties! 🌟


Company Billing simplifies the billing process by allowing company profiles to own bills and removing the burden of managing paymaster accounts. 📜


To help you master this new feature, we have created a new Company Billing Course for you! This Mews University Course is now available in the Mews University catalog for self-enrollment in English (German, French, and Spanish versions coming up in the following weeks). ⏰


This course will give you the knowledge to create and manage company bills with our new Company Billing features. ✅


We also have a couple of useful Help Center articles you can take advantage of: 🤓



If you want to learn more about Company Billing, then start your interactive learning now! 👈

You can find some more info in the release note too 👈

Happy learning! 🌺

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