Online check-ins without the companion's dates of birth

  • 27 February 2023
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We’re located in Austria, and we have to report a name and date of birth for each guest to the tourist office. 

Right now we are using the Mews online check-in for our self-service apartments. 80% of our guests start with the online check-in, but we’re seeing a very low completion rate. Mostly we get all the details of the main booker, and the names of the companions. But no dates of birth.

This is because, it is actually impossible for the main booker to add dates of birth for the companions.
You can give a name, and an email address. Then the companion gets an email and performs a seperate check-in process.

So what happens if the companions are children? You have to give an email address in order to fill out their details, does your toddler have an email address? No, of course not. So then you try it with your own email. Doesn’t work, has to be a unique email address. Maybe send it to your work address? But what if you don’t have five different work addresses for all 5 of your children?

In any case, it’s a hassle, and I don’t blame our guests for not finishing the online check-in. 
And to make it worse the guests think they’ve completed the online check-in. So they are annoyed when we have to ask them for extra details.

We are seeing this a lot, and I’m wondering if anyone else is struggeling with it as well? Or maybe you have a brilliant workaround. Please share it!

I’ve added a date of birth field for companions as an idea to upvote:



2 replies

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Hi Andreas,


I like your post and I guess it would help if there would be a “Add child” next to “Add companion”.

In this case the main booker can fill in the details.





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Hi Mariusz,

Sure, that would help. Or simply add a field for date of birth for all companions. And make the email address field non-mandatory.
That way we might collect a few less email addresses. But at least we’ll have all the legally required guest details.