What is Zapier, and how does this online automation tool work?

  • 19 May 2023
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What is Zapier, and how does this online automation tool work?
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At Mews, we firmly believe in the power of automation, and we don't just talk the talk—we walk the walk!

One tool that's an invaluable asset for us is Zapier. This incredibly powerful tool has revolutionized the way I work and has greatly enhanced the efficiency of our entire team. Not only does it automate tasks, but it also facilitates seamless communication.

Here are some of the amazing Zaps I've built at Mews that have become part of my daily routine:
- Whenever I'm assigned a new sales opportunity, Zapier notifies me instantly and creates a task in Asana.
- When a BDR books a demo, relevant stakeholders receive immediate notifications.
- Whenever a member of our Solutions Architect team receives recognition for outstanding work in Nectar, Zapier alerts the rest of our team in our shared Slack channel, allowing us to celebrate their awesomeness together!
- With every new hire, a notification is sent to everyone in a company-wide Slack channel.
- On alternate Mondays, Zapier shares our Solutions Architect's "Sprint Review Review" with the Sales team. It's a concise summary of all the relevant projects our 20+ product teams worked on during the previous sprint.

But my relationship with Zapier goes beyond my time at Mews. Even when I was a client, I embraced Zapier as a power user and created some useful workflows:
- Whenever a guest celebrates their birthday during their stay, a task is generated in the morning for our reception team.
- I developed a tool to import price changes from Google Sheets to Mews (although I must admit, it turned out to be quite expensive, so I wouldn't recommend it).
- I used Push by Zapier to enable the team to swiftly log maintenance tasks into Mews with just a location and description.
- I also set up a Zap to identify guests who meet specific criteria and automatically grant them VIP status.

Once you tap into the capabilities of a tool like Zapier, the possibilities are virtually endless. I'm always eager to hear how others are utilizing Zapier to enhance their productivity—I'm constantly seeking fresh inspiration, so please, enlighten me!

If you're curious to learn more about how Zapier and Mews can optimize your hotel operations, check out this informative blog post:


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I wish I would have more time to spend with it. it's quite a time intense work and requires some patience I do not have most of days :-) 
We have tasks for high-value checks, whenever a reservation comes into MEWS above a certain amount, Zapier creates a task for the team to check if the credit card is valid or authorizes the card. 
We used to have Zapier combined with Mailparser to create reservations in MEWS for some Travel Agents they used to send emails for the reservation. Instead of manually entering this reservation, we simply forwarded the email to an inbox in mailparser. This tool scanned the email and combined it for Zapier in order to create a reservation. Seeing this working the first time blew my mind. However, we needed quite some support from some Zapier MEWS specialists to make this work.  
There are plenty of possibilities out there, I agree with Charlie - its just a matter of sitting down, getting the head around how Zapier works, and making it happen.