We would like to make understanding rebates easier for you and your staff!

  • 14 March 2023
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We are looking into possibly changing the language that we use for rebates. We want to make it as simple as possible for our Front Desk staff to understand what it is they are doing when they hit the rebate button as well as educating them through the process when doing a rebate. 

Could you let us know which of these terms you would think is best for the “rebate” button?

7 replies

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Hi @nikidebruyn,

It may also be interesting to add the Invoice number of the original invoice / bill next to “Rebate” (or whatever it will be called in the future). This would make it much easier for all departments to follow-up on rebates, track revenue or answer questions from guests and partners.


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I would argue using

Credit note, and Debit note

this is what we normally use to define. Both internally with Front office staff and externally with our accountant. (please also include the bill nr. as Matthias suggested)

If not possible keep Rebate. 

Hi agree with both Matthias and Uffe,

and actually credit note makes more sense.

Thank you

Thanks so much for these suggestions! I will definitely take note and see what we can do re invoice number on rebated bill. @Grazia Satalino @Uffe @MatthiasH 

QQ. Do you use the term credit note instead of the word rebate in your business?

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Yes we do.

Rebate was a new word for us when migrating to MEWS. 

There are still some (however few at this point) who has to “translate” rebate to Creditnote before understanding the process



Hi yes we do use mostly credit note, but with mews we had to adapt to rebate instead.

Thank you 


Thanks so much for your answers @Grazia Satalino @Uffe