Using bookable Services for Massage Rooms in our Spa/ Wellness

  • 16 August 2023
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We have 4 Massage Rooms in our Spa. We are thinking of adding them as a bookable/ hourly service in mews. Is anyone doing that already and can help with experiences? 

The main Problems we see yet are that

  • we can only book full hours in the reservaition interface
  • we have added 1 rate for each masseur, but we cannot restrict the rates with availabilities, so 1 masseur could get booked multiple times

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4 replies

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Hello @Kathlyn,

thank you for your question! 🍀

Regarding the first part, you are right, at the moment we have only full hours implemented in the system. If you feel there is a need for smaller time units, do not hesitate to create a feature request and let´s see if other properties upvote your idea. 💡

Regarding your second question, if your goal is to control availability, you need to use spaces, not rates.

I hope this helps, let me know 🙌🏽

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Hi Marketa, 


thanks for your feedback! :) We use spaces for the massage rooms already. We use the rates for the massageurs. Because we always need 1 Sapce + 1 Massuer to be able to offer a massage. :/ 

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Hi Kathlyn

I believe that the Full hour issue is already under work by our product team as we have received that feedback from multiple customers.

Regarding the use of rates to represent each masseur, I understand that it cannot work as it. I believe that the way it is implemented in most hotels using the functionality is the space representing each massage therapist as this is the unit on which you can control availability.

As I understand you opted for the spaces for that purpose, you’re only option would be to manually close the rates once a therapist is booked.

Hi everybody,

I’m interested by all your answers. Do you know if Mews have already worked on the full hour issue ?