Unlocking Holiday Voucher Opportunities

  • 20 December 2023
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Unlocking Holiday Voucher Opportunities
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Hello Mews community! 🎉🏨

With the holiday season upon us, it's time to talk about something festive—holiday vouchers! How are you creating enticing voucher opportunities for guests to celebrate the holidays at your property? Share your creative ideas and success stories! 🎇

Some properties can issue vouchers for stays or services. Let's explore the various ways vouchers can be utilized—whether it's for gifting a stay or enticing future bookings. What's your take on leveraging vouchers during the holiday season? 

Understanding Vouchers

Vouchers offer a versatile tool for managing promotions and discounts. With Mews Operations, you can use vouchers to give special customers , companies, or travel agencies access to special rates. This flexibility allows you to tailor promotions, increasing revenue, enhancing customer loyalty, and opening up marketing opportunities.


Types of Vouchers 🎁

  1. Public Vouchers: Available to guests for use in the booking engine, such as a 'Valentine’s Day voucher' with a special rate access code.
  2. Company Vouchers: Assigned to specific companies, offering discounts like a 10% employee discount for Company X. Applicable in the new reservation screen in Mews.
  3. Travel Agency Vouchers: Assigned to travel agencies, allowing them to make bookings with a specific discount for a specified duration.

Example Voucher Scenario 📅

In this hypothetical scenario, let's consider a voucher named "HolidayMagic." ✨

  • Customer Eligibility:
    • Any customer can use the "HolidayMagic" voucher to make a booking  for a Stay between 1st March – 31st March 2023. The voucher can be used as of January 1st.
  • Stay Dates:
    • For the voucher to be applicable, the actual stay dates must fall between 1st March – 31st March.
  • Booking Period:
    • If the customer makes a booking with the "HolidayMagic" voucher outside of these dates, the booking engine will not apply the promotion. For instance, if they try to book for April or any other period beyond March, the special promotion won't be applicable.

This timeframe restriction adds a sense of urgency and exclusivity to the promotion, encouraging customers to make reservations during the specified period to enjoy the benefits of the voucher.

Why Set Date Restrictions? 📆

  • Seasonal Promotions: This approach is particularly effective for holiday-themed promotions, ensuring that guests can only redeem the voucher during the festive season.
  • Revenue Management: By limiting the voucher to specific dates, hotels can strategically control bookings and optimize occupancy during peak periods.

Remember, these date restrictions can be adjusted and customized based on your property's marketing strategy and seasonal demands. This level of flexibility in voucher management contributes to a dynamic and effective promotional strategy for your hotel during the holiday season and beyond. 

To read more about vouchers, click here. Enhance your holiday offerings with the magic of vouchers this festive season!

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