TIP OF THE WEEK: Understanding Age Categories and Pricing Implications for Stay Products

  • 23 August 2023
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TIP OF THE WEEK: Understanding Age Categories and Pricing Implications for Stay Products
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👦🏼👧🏻👨🏽👵🏾👶 Age categories play a crucial role in stay product bookings. To help you navigate this, here's a breakdown of their implications:

  1. Age Categories Matter: Clearly define age categories for your bookable stay products. This ensures accurate pricing and a better guest experience.
  2. Pricing Depends on Age: For products that are priced "per person", or "per person per night", age categories help dictate the pricing. This allows you to charge differently for adults, children, and infants.
  3. Not Applicable for Relative Prices: Age-based pricing is not suitable for products with relative pricing structures, such as products priced based on other factors rather than age.
  4. Excludes Per Night or Once Pricing: Age categories only work for "per person", or "per person per night" pricing models. They don't apply to products with fixed prices per night or once for the entire stay.

🍳 Example: Consider a breakfast package with the following age-based pricing:

  • Adults (18+): €15 per person 👩🏻
  • Children (6-17): €7.50 per person (50% discount) 👧
  • Babies (0-5): Free (100% discount) 👶🏻

In this scenario, a family of two adults, two children, and a baby would be charged accordingly:

  • 2 Adults * €15 = $30
  • 2 Children * €7.50 = $15
  • 1 Baby * €0 = $0

Total cost: €45 for the entire family's breakfast.

Understanding age categories and their pricing implications ensures fair charges for different guest types and helps prevent confusion or complaints. Keep these principles in mind when setting up your stay product offerings to provide a seamless booking experience for your guests.

If you wanna know more, have look at some of our help articles:

Configuring age categories in Mews

Configuring the pricing details of a product based on the age category

Happy learning! 📖🌷

3 replies

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Hello @coline.poussiere !

We have set up our breakfast product according to your guide and it’s quite clear how this works and it does indeed work, but we are having some trouble when we don’t know the age of kids at the time of booking.

The issue is, we receive certain bookings only with the info that a child is included through our channel manager, but not the age. So I would expect, that age based stay product prices are adjusted according to the actual data in the coompanion profiles, but that seems not to be the case after the reservations has been saved in the first place. Am I missing something, or is that just the way it is at the moment? Can there something be done to mitigate that?



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Hi Jean-Philipp @j.spiess 

I took a look at your channel manager and normally you are set up to use the age categories in the reservations. So the OTA should send the age categories to the CHM and they should in turn send us the reservations with the detail of the amount of Adults, children and babies.

Once they are integrated as such, you are correct that attaching the profile does not change the Product pricing in the reservation. That can only be modified by going, in the reservation, to the Details Tab and modifying the guests’ age bracket.


If it often happens, maybe it would be worth to check on the OTA and/or channel manager settings that the age brackets in Mews match theirs age wise as it could be that the delimitations are different.


To do any deeper analysis on this, I would need a concrete example, but we couldn’t do that here as that would require sharing private information about the property (I would then suggest you log a query with our Support team)

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Hell @coline.poussiere !

Thank you for your feedback! OK, I see what you mean…

In fact it’s a problem of the interface from D-EDGE to booking, because they get the age from booking, but the don’t map to the (correctly set up) age brackets… I have allready filed a feature request with them, so maybe in the future … ;-)

However, wouldn’t it be a good idea to calculate and reallocate age brackets automatically during check-in, when birth dates have to be provided anyway?

Best regards,