TIP OF THE WEEK: Mews Terminal Setup

  • 18 January 2024
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TIP OF THE WEEK: Mews Terminal Setup
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Hello Community! 🌟

Do you know how easy and fast it is to get your Mews Terminal and set it up? I had the chance to go through the whole cycle, from ordering the Terminal to setting it up in a property and connecting it to a Mews Kiosk, just as any Mews property would do. This was my first time doing it, and I accomplished it by simply following the documentation on the Help Center.

It took me 2 minutes to order it (the most time-consuming part was double-checking the delivery address). It took me around 8 minutes to set up the terminal itself and the Terminal Integration within Mews (more than half of this time was spent on updating the Terminal Software).

My goal was to get my Kiosk to work with this terminal, not only to pay for reservations but also to test the Early Check-In option. This took me less than 1 minute. So, in around 10 minutes, you can charge your guests and have all your payments integrated into Mews. Since the Terminal tokenizes your guests' cards, it is stored in a secure way. Therefore, if they consume anything else during their stay, they don't need to swipe the card again; you can charge the card directly from Mews.

You will receive two boxes: one contains the Terminal, the battery, and a charging cable, while the other one has a base for the Terminal and a charging cable for the base. The latter option allows you to move around your property with the Terminal and just drop it at the base to charge it.

I'm leaving you the links to order a Terminal, to set up the Terminal, and to connect it with your Kiosk:

If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment. 🤔

Gonza, your Support Specialist in Mews

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