TIP OF THE WEEK: Easily Manage Open Bills in Mews Operations

  • 2 January 2024
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TIP OF THE WEEK: Easily Manage Open Bills in Mews Operations
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Hey Mews Community! 🚀

Hope you all had a fantastic New Year! We're back, and we've noticed some questions floating around about handling open bills in Mews Operations. So, we've got you covered with a quick guide to make your life easier!

Getting Started: Understanding Open Bills 📃

In Mews Operations, you have the power to assign multiple profiles to open bills. The Billing tab on both customer and company profiles provides a centralized hub to view bill owners and their associated profiles. This ensures quick retrieval of information, making your daily tasks a breeze.

Quick View of Open Bills

Finding open bills is a breeze. Use the search bar to locate your profile, head to Billing, and click on the specific bill. Mews gives you the details in the Owned by and Associated with fields.

Bill Owners - Quick Peek

The Owned by field reveals the primary bill owner. Click their name to see more. Want to change it? Click the edit button.

Associated Profiles - Just a Click Away

The Associated with field shows the secondary profile linked to the bill. Click the name link for details. Need to add, edit, or remove an associated profile? Easy, just click the pencil icon. To look at the associated bill in the owner's profile, hit the “View the Bill in Company One” button.

Bill Previews and Print

Viewing bill details is simple. Find your profile, head to Billing, select the bill, and hit Preview. Customize it by selecting your preferred currency and choosing what info you want to display, then hit Create. To print or download a PDF, click the Print icon, choose a template and printer, and voila!

Have a look at our detailed article for more information.

Rock your open bill management with Mews Operations! 🌟

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