TIP OF THE WEEK: Discover the Value of The Time Spent Report

  • 18 July 2023
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TIP OF THE WEEK: Discover the Value of The Time Spent Report
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In the vast world of hotel management, there's a handy feature worth exploring – the Time Spent Report. It has some useful applications, especially when it comes to calculating city taxes. If you're curious, you can find this unassuming feature on your Dashboard under the Reports section.📊

Let's take a closer look at its practical benefits:

💠 Simplified City Tax Calculation: One of the helpful aspects of the Time Spent Report is its ability to assist with city tax calculations. By filtering guests based on age groups, it ensures you have a clearer picture of who falls within specific tax categories, saving you from potential errors or overpayments.

💠 Customizable Insights: The report provides basic filtering options, allowing you to personalize your analysis. You can focus on specific services and segments, giving you a glimpse into relevant areas for your hotel's performance.

The Time Spent Report offers some practical advantages. It's a useful tool to have in your hotel management toolkit, helping you stay on top of city tax obligations and gain basic insights into your guest data. Take a step and explore the potential it brings to your hotel operations.

Noteworthy Detail: The Time Spent Report not only considers the primary guest but also includes accompanying guests. This comprehensive approach ensures you have a more precise understanding of the guest count and their respective tax implications.

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