TIP OF THE WEEK: Avoiding Premature Bill Closures with Highlighted Open Payments

  • 8 August 2023
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TIP OF THE WEEK: Avoiding Premature Bill Closures with Highlighted Open Payments
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Dealing with unexpected rebates and accounting discrepancies due to premature bill closures can be a significant challenge, especially for properties in the APAC region. To help avoid this issue, here's a valuable tip that can streamline your billing process and improve accounting accuracy: 🏨💼📊

Tip: Deselect "Highlight Open Payments" for Precise Bill Closures

Background: Many properties ask Front office staff to use the Accounting Ledger to close bills for accounts that are tagged with ‘to be resolved’. The problem arises when staff members inadvertently have the ‘Highlight open payments’ option enabled.

When selected, this option includes accounts with future, non-consumed reservations and tags them as ‘to be resolved’. This leads to premature bill closures and creates complications with cancellations, unexpected rebates and confusing accounting especially during the end of the financial year. This can also cause errors when receiving reservation modifications from your channel manager.

Solution: To prevent premature bill closures and unexpected rebates:

  • Disable 'Highlight Open Payments': In the Accounting Ledger filters, deselect the 'Highlight open payments' option. This will ensure that only accounts with consumed items are displayed when closing bills through the Accounting Ledger.

Benefits of the Tip:

  • Reduced Premature Closures: Disabling 'Highlight open payments' prevents future reservations from appearing in the report, reducing the likelihood of staff closing bills prematurely. ⏰🚫💼
  • Improved Accuracy: Future items that are closed and then cancelled, the revenue is still accounted for and is balanced out by the rebate item, however as these have different consumption dates, this can create a complication when reconciling revenue. By reducing premature bill closures, you will avoid unexpected rebates, leading to more accurate accounting at the end of the financial year. 📈🔍🔗
  • More Flexibility: Leaving the bills open until the items have been consumed allows for more flexibility and freedom in making changes to the guest’s bill without having to worry about rebating the bill to make corrections or add extra items. 🛎️📑🔄
  • Efficient APAC Operations: This tip specifically caters to properties in the APAC region (or properties that do not account for tax on payment), helping them avoid unnecessary rebates and accounting issues related to early closures. 🌏🏙️🌟

Remember, this tip might be especially helpful for properties that do not have to account for tax on payment. By implementing these practices, you can streamline your billing process, improve accounting precision, and ensure a smoother end-of-year financial assessment. Please note that properties that need to account for VAT/GST on payment should enable this option. 💼📊👍

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Hey Angelika,

If the solution is to remove the selection of highlight open payments, can we set by default that this is not selected? 

Currently in regions that are required to pay VAT upon receiving payments this is automatically ticked and we need to remove this option to use the ledger with guests in the correct tags. 


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Hi @Sam ,

Thanks for the great question and let me to explain a bit more about  the “Highlight open payments” option and its role in managing VAT/GST for reservations.

This feature is primarily designed for properties located in regions that are required to account for VAT/GST upon payment. When enabled, it will show unconsumed future reservations that have outstanding bills. 

For those properties in regions that are required to settle VAT/GST upon payment, the “Highlight open payments” option is automatically selected by default. 

On the other hand, for properties exempt from VAT/GST upon payment, it is recommended to disable this option. Ideally, this should be automatically deselected for such properties as mentioned in our Accounting Ledger help guide.

For your information, we’ve identified an issue where the automatic deselection isn’t functioning correctly for properties not subject to VAT/GST upon payment. Our Support team in the APAC region has flagged this concern, and I want to assure you that it has been escalated to our development teams for resolution.

Let me know if you have any further questions and I’ll be happy to help!



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Thanks Angelika,

For properties which are required to pay VAT at the time of payment, this is auto selected but then the guests appear in the wrong sections on the ledger, ie. in house guests do not appear under inhouse they are under to be resolved or none. 

We have been advised to always unselect the highlight open payments option which works correctly and places guests in the correct to be resolved, in house sections which is why we would love to have this option unselected by default in all regions regardless of when VAT is payable. 

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Hey @Sam,

Thanks for providing further explanation and context! 

I understand this would be ideal to have this completely disabled by default so I’ve sent you an email directly to grab some extra details off you and discuss further.

Whilst this sits as a feature request, once I have more details, I will take this up internally with the team to see what’s possible :)