Service Promotion, multiple confirmations

  • 13 September 2023
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Hi all

In one of my hotels we did a test with PARKING as bookable service, however we received complaints from guests about double confirmations.. 

if and when a guest is booking a secondary bookable service in the booking engine, the confirmation for both services is send separately. Obviously, the guest does not (need to) know that there is a bookable service behind it, but we now are discussing reverting back to using the PRODUCT.

How do other hotels work with this service promotion connection between bookable services?


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Hello @mauritsbots !

thank you for your question 😎

I talked to our team and for example with hourly bookable services, these emails were already merged. For “guest journey”, where your question belongs, this is still expected behavior, but we are aware of it and hope to work on it soon!

I know this is not a workaround you asked for, I hope some peers might have an idea for you, but I wanted to let you know we have it on the lookout! 👀