Preventing Credit Card fraud on MEWS Kiosk

  • 14 January 2024
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Good morning everyone,


We have just been hit with a 3000 USD chargeback claim. It turns out a stolen credit card was used.

A guest entered a false name for the reservation that matched the stolen credit card. They used the self check-in at the MEWS Kiosk, but they entered an incorrect passport number. (on purpose obviously)


Unfortunately, the Kiosk does not validate passport information, so it depends on people being honest. 

I think it would help us enormously if we would be able to scan and save the passport copy from the MEWS Kiosk during the self check in. I understand there might be some hardware purchases (like a passport scanner) we’d need to do, but I’m just looking for a solution to this problem.

Please note that whatever solution we need will need to be done in the self check in, as we are a hotel without a reception desk, just self check in stations. 


How do other hotels avoid credit card fraud during self check in?



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