Pay-out for differtent valuta'ss

  • 25 November 2023
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Hi Mewsers,

I was wondering anyone would answer the following question.

We’re debating whether to start accepting different valuta’s in Mews with the Exchange Rate integration. However, we were wondering how the pay-out is done for those payments. Is this in the foreign currency or will this be in the local currency of our property, together with all payments in our local currency.

Thanks in advance,



Best answer by alzbeta skrabalkova 27 November 2023, 11:47

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3 replies

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Hi @MatthiasH

it is indeed posssible to accept payments in other currencies. In order to do so, we would have to create a separate MewsPay integration set up in said currency and the payouts would be sent separately (so you would receive - for example - one payout for charges collected in EUR that will be received in EUR, and one payout for charges collected in USD, which will be also received in USD). For that, you will also need a bank account in the second currency. 
For further details, I’d recommend contacting your account manager.

Hope it helps :)

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Hi @alzbeta skrabalkova,

Thank you very much for this info.

However, on the help pages I wound that we could accept foreign currency’s by just enabling them in the accounting configuration and using an exchange rate provider. Hence, our question about the pay-out.

I’ll get in touch with our account manager for more info.

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Hi @MatthiasH

yes, by enabling the currencies in accounting configuration and setting up the exchange rate will allow you to accept those currencies in cash and to post them for manual payments. 
What I was referring to was accepting the foreign currency via payments online or Mews terminal - so Mews payments generally (as you were mentioning payouts, so I assumed that’s what you meant :)