Mews payments: an interview with Charlie Delamare, Mews' Solutions Architect

  • 18 October 2023
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Mews payments: an interview with Charlie Delamare, Mews' Solutions Architect
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Mews payments: an interview with Charlie Delamare, Mews’ Solutions Architect

Charlie shares his experiences from his previous life working in student accommodation on the drawbacks of manual payment processing and reconciliation, the risks of chargebacks and wasted time correcting errors.  All amounting to lost revenue and poor guest experience.

This led Charlie to select Mews. Mews’ payment automation transformed how his property functioned: they changed payment terms to mitigate risks which ensured payment of no-show fees, were able to re-sell cancelled rooms and enjoy accurate payment processing with no manual errors, resulting in increased revenue for his business.

You can also learn more about Mews’ payment terminals here 

Payments Q&A with Charlie:


When using terminals does the money go to our bank account directly, immediately?  

Money is paid T+3 days. You can read more about payouts here. As always, we are continuously working to better our offering so watch this space.  


Regarding Mews Multi-Property Management, do you have any best practises when it comes to rate groups, and how best to approach them? 

Plan out your rate setup, think about pre-authorising or charging your guests 1-7 days in advance to secure cancellation fees, even if the reservation remains cancellable. 


Are there any plans to integrate other payment providers, or specifically integrate with properties own bank accounts? 

Not right now. We’re looking to add additional payment methods such as Direct Debits in the coming months but there are no plans to add additional PSPs. This is mainly due to the deep and technical integrations that we have with our partners. We’d prefer to have a limited number of partners but provide better functionality than spread ourselves too thin with multiple PSPs.

👉 If you would like to learn more about Mews payments, comment below and we can connect you to an expert.

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