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  • 11 October 2023
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Hello everyone,


With the new Kiosk Update coming our way, I wanted to take the time to start this conversation about how the Kiosk can be used within your hotel.

During my time within the Onboarding team, I have seen different use cases on how the Kiosk was utilized.
Yet, before I go into this topic, should you not know what the Kiosk is about, please find more information here and be informed that the Kiosk is available to everyone having the professional or enterprise subscription.
Summarized it provides the option to the guest to fully check-in by themselves, thus filling in the registration card, creating the room key-card and paying the outstanding amount if applicable.

Before you start thinking about where to place the Kiosk, I would recommend thinking about how to use it.
Broken down, there are basically two ways here. You could either use the Kiosk as a fully self-serviced device, that the customer could use by themselves.
Or you could also use it in the so called “Staff-Mode”. The staff mode can be seen as a guided version of the Kiosk, where your staff can facilitate and help the guest with filling out the data.

Once you have this figured out, the question arises where to place it.
Here, to my understanding, it depends a little bit on how you operate. I have seen hotels placing it right next to the entrance door, as they work fully staff-less and the kiosk needs to be the first thing the guest sees, when entering the property. For this purpose, you could use either a dedicated table or purchase a stand for the tablet.
Other hotels I have witnessed have a dedicated area where they placed Kiosk, key cutter and Terminal on a large counter.
Others like to have it on their reception desk to be able to assist if needed.

If you want to learn more on how the kiosk could be used, this Research could be interesting for you.  

Now personally, I would be really interested on how you are using the Kiosk and how does it help your hotel?

Do you have any recommendations one should think of when considering adding the kiosk?

Looking forward for all your answers,


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