Housekeeping day to day planning

  • 22 October 2023
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Hello everyone


Having some issues (mainly time related) while doing the housekeeping planning I shared an idea with @MarketaOupi while giving her my feedback about our recent migration from Amadeus Idmps to Mews


I would like for you all to give your insight about it if you have the time so here it is paste from the conversation itself :


The main concern for now is towards the housekeeping service and planning organization

I've seen already a lot of suggestions on the Mews Idea Forum and I think they really should be considered by the developping team

Indeed, even if Mews is a fantastic tool, it is still build as if the proprety using it held a different department for each task requested day by day. What I mean is for a smaller structure like the one I'm working at, every operation or almost are processed by the reception/frontdesk staff. We cannot afford to lose time and that is not the cas when we are trying to assign the rooms to our housekeepers.

I think there should be an extra page which resume the situation of the day on which we could more easily work in a step by step process. It would be more intuitive and user friendly.

I know I'm not clear but let me explain the idea. It could work as the manual reservation encoding process with one step following the other:
=> Step 1: Mews generates the room status (by clicking a button maybe) with only the used and/or dirty rooms but separating the stayover from the expected checkouts and the rooms that need a change of linnen (those on 3/5 nights, 4/6, 5/7,etc..) and let's call the "extensive"
=> Step 2 : you select the houseekeepers of the day in the list of your staff (maybe the idea to assign a prefered floor or type of room to one given housekeeper should also be added (if it does not already exist))
=> Step 3: autogenerate a split of rooms for each housekeepers and give the possibility to adjust it manually (still on the same screen) with a click and drop
=> Step 4: when satisfied of the cleaning planning, you save it and the day is set

It is more or less how it works on Amadeus IDPMS (from which we have migrated from) and it was really convenient

Again, don't know if it is at all possible, but it would be a real upgrade


Let me know what you think about it, thanks for you time fellow Mewsers





2 replies

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Hello again you all Mewsers


Just to illustrate what I meant as it may be clearer for everybody, just follow that URL:


Not saying, it should be like that, not at all. But developpers could get inspiration out of it to enhance the sytsem which for now is made for a person who has time to do that HK planning and only that (meaning the HK Manager).


If it happens to be the “receptionnist” in charge of everything because there is no HK manager on site, it is too time consumming as there are several others tasks to add at the same time in the morning (checkouts, phone call, e-mail to be answered to, deliveries and so on)...


Besides, as already explained, it would be one more selling argument as no extra integration would be necessary to achieve the same goal. No extra expense is a pretty good deal 😉. (and on a personnal level I could get rid of the Excel tab I had to create - starting from the export file of space status generated by Mews - to help me gain some time 😁)


And the click and drop is already in Mews (thinking about the time line) as well as the “next step” & “back to previous” (thinking about the new reservation encoding), so no great amount of “new developing” to think about although it might take some time to integrate… 😅


Anyway, hope this will find some attention from all of you Mewsers and Admin @Aldair Borges @alzbeta skrabalkova @MarketaOupi @James.taylor . There are already severals threads on the Product Idea Forums that go in the same way (some of them quite “massively” upvoted)


Thank you again for your help and attention


Regards to you all and Happy New Year



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Hello Stephane,


A very Happy New Year to you, I hope you’ve had a great start to 2024.

Thank you very much for taking the time to share your feedback with us. Your examples have been very helpful for us to understand your use cases, and as you’ve mentioned we do have a few requests to improve the automatic assignment of housekeeping staff to spaces.

We have recently been finalising our roadmap for 2024 during which we very much considered housekeeping assignment as one of the topics to be worked on. Whilst the official roadmap will be coming soon, in the spirit of transparency I would like to inform you that we will not have a heavy focus on housekeeping this year as my team will be mainly focusing on reservation and group management at scale. The reason we will not be focusing on housekeeping is due to our strong relationship with our integrated housekeeping solutions. As it stands today, many properties using Mews prefer to lean on the experience and expertise of a specialised housekeeping applications.

I understand that this may not be the ideal response for you in this case, however I would like to assure you that the functionality is on our long term roadmap. Shouldn’t anything change resulting in reprioritisation we will reconsider when we will work on your above request.

Thank you again for sharing your feedback and being a valuable member of our Mews Community. We look forward to more feedback from you in the year ahead.


Kind regards,