Expedia Package Rate vs. Standalone Rates

  • 25 December 2023
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Hi all

I’ve inheritied a bit of a mess and I see in Expedia I have “Standalone Rate” and “Package Rate”.  When I’m doing the mapping from MEWS → SiteMinder → Expedia; I’m choosing the Standalone Rate.

However in the Siteminder help file it says:

Package rates

Package rates are displayed with the word "Package". This type of rate is a price-bundle deal consisting of products, services, and extras — from flights, car rentals, and insurance, to tours and other activities. Their prices are calculated by Expedia, so our platform does not send pricing to Expedia. Restrictions are also frequently blocked by the channel.

💡 Like linked rates, these rates share availability with the “SellRate” and must be mapped.


I don’t see how to map these?  Any thoughts?  Should I disactivate the Package rates in Expedia?


Merry Christmas!


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2 replies

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I figured out part of it …   When you create a standalone rate, Expedia might create a package rate alongside it for ITS package deals.

This is automatically selected because it’s included in your contract

Package rate

A package rate is when a traveler bundles a room with flights, car rentals, or other products. Your package rate is 10% off when a traveler books a room with a flight or car rental.


This can be “Deactivated” in Expedia, which i’m guessing means I won’t sell if someone decides to create a flight.+ hotel package.  But to me it is robbery to charge our tiny indapendant hotel 22% + 10% = 32% of a booking?  Criminal.

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Hi @Ethros,

Thanks for your question! I’m David, an Application Support Engineer in Mews’ Connectivity tribe.

In Mews you can set up product rules to so that specific rates will automatically have products added when they land in Mews.
For you set up, I would say the simplest solution would indeed be to disactivate the package rates in Expedia and just have the rules set up to add the products in Mews :)