Changing categories on a reservation

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How are properties handling operationally the change of categories on an existing reservation now the ‘keep old price’ tick box has been removed? 

On the properties tab, requested category, we used to amend the category and price at the same time. Now the tick box is missing so we must look up the new price, write it down, change the category, go to the pricing tab and amend the rate. 


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Hi @Sam,

We’ve noticed the same thing.

I think this is a bug in the system. We’ve created a support ticket and I would recommend you to do the same.

Kind regards,


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Hi Matthias,

I also raised a support ticket and was told this was on purpose to ‘streamline’ - let me know if you get a different answer. 

Thanks, Sam

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Hello @Sam & @MatthiasH,

thank you for raising this question! ⭐

I just had a call with our developers to discuss this question.

As Sam said, it was taken down on purpose, it is not a bug. 

The reason for that is that this tick box generated unclean data and some challenges for operations - it could cause unintentional overbookings, upgrades and repricing.

But we are discussing it internally as you are not the only ones who miss this, so we need to find a solution. 💡

It is great you raised a support ticket as it helps us to understand the impact of this change. 

I will monitor it and update you once I know more, 🍀


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Hi @MarketaOupi ,

Thank you for this update.

We still don’t understand the reasoning behind this, as you can still change the roomtype and thus overbook.

We now have to manually adapt all prices us and dus creating an extra workload. Not user how this fits in the user disengagement strategy that Mews is following…

Let’s hope that this is reconsidered very soon!

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Thanks for the update Marketa, 

As Matthias pointed out, removing the tick box does nothing to avoid unintended overbookings or upgrades. The tick box was always automatically selected which helped to avoid an unintended reprice… 

Not sure what the challenges for operations were, but this now creates more challenges and more work for the user, for our 21 hotels it seems unnecessary that this button was removed.

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Hello @MarketaOupi ,

I just received an email from the suppor team that this would be a bug and not desired behaviour according to the Tech Team?

Has the idea been updated or is not everyone on the same line here?

Thank you

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Hi @MatthiasH,

thank you for pointing this out 🙌🏼

I believe my colleague reached out to you already and explained the mistake.

The tickets with developers are usually quite complex with a lot of tech language and it was simply misunderstood.

Sorry for the confusion and my above message is still valid 😉 

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Just out of curiosity did anyone raised a ticket. Because this is so difficult to work with and it feels like a step down on how we normally operates. Or are their any ways we are getting this feature back? 

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Hi @Revenue Anne Copenhagen,

welcome to the Community and thank you for your first comment! 🎉

Yes of course, I just checked the ticket that support opened with our developers (this is what we do with high impact cases) and there are over 40 properties listed (and still adding more)

The conversation in this ticket is still going, there should be some changes implemented, please bare with us! 🙌🏼

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@MarketaOupi Thank sounds good. If my three properties can be listed as well. Where do I do this? 

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Hi @Sam @MatthiasH @MarketaOupi,

Great news!!!

The Keep old rates check box appears to back & working as expected. 

Hopefully it stays ;)


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@Revenue Anne Copenhagen Hi Anne! 
Happy Monday!

I checked in all properties and all should be in order, I can see the tick box everywhere 🙌

Have a great week ahead! 😎

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Yes, I have also checked and we are very happy so great news on a Monday. 👍