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  • 19 October 2023
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We have create packages room + breakfast, in the setup we have choose bill as package. If guest stay more than one night it’s show in one line stay 10/10 - 19/10 and the total price. We need to show to guest the price of the package per night, is it possible? and if yes how to do it?

Thank you.


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3 replies

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Hi @tomfullana 

I believe that the per-day breakdown is not, at present, something we already have available in Mews but that similar request has already been raised with our product team.


I think this feature request could also cover your suggestion, and I would like to advise you to vote for it and add your particular example

Hope the above helps!




Hi @coline.poussiere,

We have been audited by the French Directorate General for Consumer Affairs, Competition and Fraud Prevention and it is illegal not to display the exact price per night on booking confirmations and invoices. As well the invoice must also include the hotel category.

How to resolve this important issue?

Thank you. 

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Hi @tomfullana , 

We can send that information to the technical teams that manage the legal environments and billing however we would need you to forward that information to us.

Given the nature of the information, I would suggest that you send it to us via a support ticket, rather than here.


Also, I believe a similar request might have already been received, and we are currently in talks with our Auditor for the NF525 certification so that he can review it.

As you may know, Mews is NF525 certified, and we couldn’t offer our system in France without the certification, so any modification we bring to the system needs to be approved by our auditor.

You can read more about the certification here