Anybody else using Synxis?

We are in the unfortunate position of having to use Synxis because of a membership/partnership agreement. I feel like a small part of me dies every time i have to update or change anything in the Synxis system, it’s like time travel but not in a good or fun way.

Does anyone have any good tips about handling dynamic package products that come via Synxis into Mews? Right now we are handling using Zapier to check Synxis reservations if there is some dynamic package product included, then adjusting the reservation in Mews accordingly.

Has anyone found a better way of linking Synxis dynamic package products to Mews products?

So this is extras not linked to a particular rate or “static package”, things chosen extra by the guest like for example a bottle of wine, or a fruit platter etc.

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Hi David! I recognize your ‘enthusiasm’ on SynXis 😉

Are you using the direct integration with SynXis or through a channel manager? 

Hi Sanne! It is the direct integration, i have wondered if some channel manager maybe has a better integration. I know that some other PMS like Protel for example have a direct integration where dynamic packages work correctly.