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  • 27 January 2023
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Hello together,


we are using Event Temple to organize our convention / event spaces, proposals and function sheets/banquet checks.

In Event Temple we can also add over night stays to bookings which are posted to MEWS.

If it is a fixed contingent all is fine. The amount of rooms, names, rates etc. are posted in MEWS and the rooms are blocked.

BUT: if we offer allotments, we want the bookings in MEWS, but not blocking rooms (reducing the availability) as we do not know how many rooms will be picked up.

As well we would like to see on one spot how many rooms are booked as allotments already to decide how many we can still offer.



Allotment 100 rooms for 01.10.2023 - 03.10.2023

wash step 1 - 30.06.2023 - reducing to 80 non-picked up rooms available

wash step 2 - 31.07.2023 - reducing to 50 non-picked up rooms available

wash step 3 - 31.08.2023 - reducing to 20 non-picked up rooms available

wash step 4 - 15.09.2023 - reducing to 0 non-picked up rooms available 


How do you handle allotments in MEWS?

How do you deal with the availability?


Thank you in advance.





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6 replies

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@Sarah.Masterton-Brown who would be the MEWS contact to this topic?

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Hello @Mariusz Siwkowski I reckon the best practice would be to use Availability blocks feature (
You can set up the release date for allotment too. It is not possible to set the rolling release date yet though. You would need to change the release date and blocked rooms manually. Would that be a suitable solution for you? 

Best regards,
Mews team

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Hello @alex.boyarkina


Is there any idea when rolling release will be implemented? The current way with manual releases is extremely time consuming for all FIT contracts…


I found a feedback request from 2022. However not that much up votes for a thing that is so basic. Rolling releases for allotments are the absolute basic in hospitality.

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Hello @MatthiasH! The team will be working on this feature in the next months and we hope that it will go live in May’23. 

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Hi @alex.boyarkina

Just wanted to check-in on the rolling release, as your last message suggests it may be ready this month.. Are you on track to release the feature? 

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@Mick  we are currently in the discovery stage for rolling release dates. And gradually working on a few prerequisites before the final solution. If you would like to join to share early feedback, please send me a direct message and I will contact you for a discovery call.