Overcoming the Fear of Your Software Migration

  • 27 July 2023
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Overcoming the Fear of Your Software Migration
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Change is an inevitable part of life, and in the dynamic world of technology, it is particularly dominant. When it comes to the software you use as the heart of your business, the fear of change can often arise, and it’s understandable. You may have invested time and resources in adopting a particular software that you have been using for years, and the prospect of changes being introduced can be daunting. However, with the right approach and support from the Mews Onboarding team, you can confidently navigate through the changes, ensuring a seamless and successful transition for your team, and maximizing the value of your PMS. ✅


Understanding the Fear of Change: 

Change can trigger various emotions, including fear, anxiety, and resistance. The fear of change typically stems from the following concerns: 


  1. Disruption of your Operations: Change can disrupt established workflows and processes, leading to concerns around productivity losses and inefficiencies. 

  1. Customer Complaints: It might take a little bit of time for your teams to get used to a new system and processes. This may result in the team overlooking customers’ requests or a delay in the delivery of service which can lead to complaints. 

  2. Training and Adoption: You may worry about the time and effort required to train your team members on the new features or interface of your new software and the time needed for them to master it.  

  3. Integration Challenges: You may be concerned about potential integration issues with your POS, Channel Managers, or others, arising from the changes. 

  4. Financial Data: The fear of change may also arise from worries about the transfer of your financial data, especially if there are changes with your old systems. 

  1. Go Live Day: The day of the migration can bring its fair share of anxiety. It’s the result of everything you and your team have been setting up for weeks. You’re anxious to know if everything will work as intended and if your team will be ready to start operating on Mews.  


The Mews Onboarding team put together some guidelines to help you and your teams address the fear of change: 

  1. Transparent Communication: 
    You should proactively communicate to the entire team the upcoming changes, providing details about the reasons behind the choice of Mews as your software and the expected benefits. Transparent communication helps alleviate anxiety and creates a sense of trust in your team. 

  1. Allocate Time and Resources:  
    it's important to recognize and appreciate the effort put forth by your team during this transformative process. Navigating change requires commitment from everyone involved, requiring time and dedication. Allocating sufficient time and resources to the transition will significantly contribute to its success. Always keep your focus on the long-term goal and the invaluable benefits this change will bring, not only to you but also to your valued customers. 

  2. Early Involvement: 
    Involve your team in the change process at an early stage. This involvement can include asking for help to set up certain settings, identifying the best workflows, reviewing and updating existing SOPs and even designing what your ideal customer journey should look like. By engaging your team in the design of your system, you empower them and increase their ownership of the changes. It is a great opportunity to get the team to participate on this process of change and improve their day-to-day operations 

  3. Team Champions:  
    Pick some members of your team to assist with the change and bring their expertise to the team. They can play a crucial role in driving the change process, communicating the benefits, and promoting a positive mindset among the team members. They can also become internal trainers and share their expertise with the rest of the team. 

  4. Training and Support: 
    Make sure you’re allocating enough time for your team to get trained and feel comfortable with Mews. We provide access to Mews University Live training sessions as well as the extensive resources of Mews University to familiarize users with the product. Furthermore, providing dedicated support channels in your organization to ask questions can greatly assist your teams in addressing any issues or concerns. 

  5. Prepare for D-Day:  
    Carefully pick the day of your Go-Live. Plan ahead and share the retro-planning with your team. Identify all tasks that need to be completed prior to the Go Live Date and on the day of the migration. Have your champions ready to assist and start your day with a positive mindset, you’re in the good hands of your Mews Onboarding Manager. 


While the fear of change is natural, it should not hinder the progress and evolution of your business. By embracing the right mindset and leveraging the support of our experienced Mews Onboarding team, you can navigate through changes more smoothly. Remember, change can often bring valuable opportunities to your business and improvements that will ultimately benefit your organization and especially your customers in the long run. 🚀

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