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  • 3 July 2023
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Hello Mews Community! 🤠


Using accounting categories, you can easily organize and track your property's products, revenue, and payments. Once you've set them up, your accounting team can make good use of these categories to keep tabs on your income and expenses 💻💳

Remember, the accounting categories are different from your actual products. They simply help you link your products to specific categories for better organization 📁📂. So, let's say you have a shop on your property. You can link all the items to the 'shop 🛒' accounting category. When you check your accounting report and expand that category, voila! You'll see all the products linked to it, giving you a nice breakdown of your revenue. Oh, and don't worry, it'll even show the revenue divided by VAT rates.🤓


To create an accounting category you can follow this guide from the help center ❔

If you are working with an accounting software, you will have to fill in the ledger account code. You have the option to have multiple accounting categories linked to the same ledger account code so, you can have a more granular reporting in Mews and a generic accounting split 📊


What do you like to see in your accounting report? How do you use it? 💁🏻

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