Wondering About Payout Times? Here’s What You Need to Know!

Wondering About Payout Times? Here’s What You Need to Know!
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Hey there Mews Community!

We've noticed some of you have been asking about how long it takes for payouts to reach your bank account. Let's break it down for you:

Once a guest's credit card is charged, the money shows up in your Mews Payments balance pretty quickly, usually within minutes. Then, it takes up to three business days to process and send that money to your bank account. Depending on your bank, it might take another one or two business days to see it in your account.

Exceptions to Keep in Mind:

  • New Stripe Accounts: If you're new to Stripe, your first payout happens about seven days after your first successful payment. In some industries, this might take up to 14 days to manage risks related to credit services.

  • Adyen MoR: Payouts through Adyen MoR happen once a week, specifically on Tuesdays.

  • Adyen MarketPay: With Adyen MarketPay, payouts kick off daily as soon as there’s a balance to pay. But expect a settlement delay of up to three business days as funds are processed before they're sent.

Understanding these timelines helps you stay on top of your finances. If you have more questions or need a hand feel free to comment! 

Read the help article over here 

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I was wondering about the new “instand payout” feature… How does that work? And is there any extra cost associated with it when using it?



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Hello @j.spiess !
Thank you for the question 🌟
There is a 1,5% fee, while you are selecting the transactions you want to pay instantly you will be able to see the fee calculated automatically.

Help article coming up soon!