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What's new in Mews: Latest new features this December

  • 9 January 2023
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What's new in Mews: Latest new features this December
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Check out the new features that were delivered in December:


Guests can now book parking along with their stay in the Mews Booking Engine!

You can now promote bookable services such as Parking along with stay service in the Mews Booking Engine so guests can book these services along with their stay reservation. - read more.



Seen our fresh new look? More vibrant colors and simpler, more consistent icons.

We recently changed the font in all Mews products to make the text easier to read, and now we've updated our colors and icons so they're easier to understand and more consistent throughout the system. - read more.


Enable skip cleaning: A step closer to flexible housekeeping!

You can now "Enable skip cleaning" in your stay service settings to have a greater variety of options in the Reservations management screen. This helps tailor your housekeeping to better suit your property’s needs. - read more.


New employee privilege for easier billing management.

As we prepare to deliver company billing early next year, we’re making it easier to manage billing items. - read more.


Take control of guest communications with the latest mail template updates.

We've improved the mail templates page to give you a wider overview and more details about the emails you send to guests. - read more.


No more unnecessary clicks to know whether you can issue an invoice in Mews Operations.

We're making it faster and easier to work with invoices. Now, you won’t see the issue invoice button in the customer's Billing tab if all the items in a bill are paid, and the remaining balance to be paid is 0. - read more.


Mews University update: New Reservations Agent learning path.

Live now! The Mews University Reservations Agent learning path has been updated with new and improved interactive content. - read more.


Mews University update: New Front Office Manager learning path!

Beginning December 6th, the Mews University Front Office Manager learning path will be updated with new and improved content. - read more.


Removing the product count selector from the new reservation screen.

By the end of January 2023, we will be removing the product count selector from the new reservation screen. This decision is based on the lack of usage of this feature. - read more.


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Nice one @Sarah.Masterton-Brown, Cross Service reservations is a great feature and will be helpful for our co-working properties. Also great to see a number of worthwhile improvement! Looking forward to seeing what releases we get in the coming months!