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What's new in Mews: Latest features that landed in January

  • 14 February 2023
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What's new in Mews: Latest features that landed in January
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Check out the new features that were delivered in January:


Age-based product pricing now available for all properties!

Good news! We’ve completed our gradual roll out of age-based product pricing - read more.



A flexible, seamless payment experience that guests will love.

Guests can now enjoy a simpler payment experience with automated, flexible payments, which is now ready for gradual rollout. - read more.


No time wasted! Introducing one-click hourly view on your Timeline.

We’ve made it easier to view reservations by hour on the timeline. Now you have the option to select time units in Hours, Days and Months - read more.


Group reservations by status for a clearer overview.

You can now view reservations by status directly in the reservation management screen - read more.


New year, new look for the Smart detail.

The Manage, Registration card and Check-in buttons are now in the footer of the Smart detail window instead of the header- read more.



Employee role management even across multiple properties is now seamless, secure and effortless.

You can now set up and customise roles in Mews Operations to securely provide all your employees with the minimum access they need to perform their tasks - read more.


Increase security with enforceable two-factor authentication for employees signing into Mews.

Concerned about security and data theft? Now property admins can enforce mandatory two-factor authentication for employees, even across multiple properties - read more.



Billing information was accessible without ‘view data’ permissions.

We’ve adjusted the way Mews grands access to bills and invoices, giving you more control and security read more.

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