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What's new in Mews: Latest features that landed in February

  • 6 March 2023
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What's new in Mews: Latest features that landed in  February
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Check out the new features that were delivered in February:


Icon design updates for easier reading and clearer navigation.

Recently we previewed some upcoming changes to icons that make Mews easier to navigate and understand. These new icons are now live. - read more.


Secure and clean data with new company profile IATA validation.

Stay in control of your travel agency data and restrict duplicate IATA numbers in Mews. The new IATA validation helps you verify unique company profiles - read more.


Reduce unintentional overbookings with intelligent inventory updates in Channel manager queue items.

Overbookings put business financials, guest experience, and your property's reputation at risk. Check out the new intelligent inventory updates in the Channel manager queue items - read more.


Password on D-Edge? Mews has you covered with automatic password reset.

Stay PCI-compliant and ensure safe card flow between D-Edge and Mews with automatic password reset. - read more.



Unpaid bills affecting cash flow? Try the Aging balance dashboard.

Many properties struggle to quickly identify unpaid invoices, manage debts, and minimize unpaid bills. That’s why we built the Aging balance dashboard in Mews Analytics. - read more.


Space update filter: Instant tracking for more control.

Ever notice a change to a space name or category and wonder what happened? Now you can use the new ‘Space update’ filter in the action log to see every space update at your property, including who made it and when. - read more.


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