TIP OF THE WEEK - Free Cancellation Rates

  • 30 January 2024
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TIP OF THE WEEK - Free Cancellation Rates
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Hey Mews Community! 👋

Did you catch the exciting news from last year? We rolled out a fantastic feature in the Mews Booking Engine that elevated your guests' booking experience – Showcasing Free Cancellation Rates! ⭐️

What Was New:

Your guests could enjoy a more tailored booking journey by exclusively viewing rates with free cancellation policies. It was all about flexibility, giving them the power to make choices that suited their preferences.

Clear Labels for Clarity:

To eliminate any confusion, we introduced clear labels visible to guests when they selected categories and rates. It was all about making sure your guests knew exactly what they were getting.

Easy Setup:

Enabling this feature was a breeze. You could head to your booking engine settings and toggle on "Display Cancellation Tags." This opened up exciting possibilities, such as promoting your best flexible rate on Google Hotels, encouraging direct bookings, and reducing abandoned reservations due to lack of information.

Even with the slider turned off, guests could still view all the rates your property offered, each clearly labeled as Free cancellation, Partially refundable, or Non-refundable.

Behind the Scenes: How Rates Were Displayed:

Curious about the details? You could dive into our help article on how the Mews Booking Engine displayed rates. Get insights into rate labels, their display within the booking engine, and an overview of rate groups. 💡

🚀 Key Rate Labels:

  • Free cancellation: Guests could cancel for a full refund until the indicated date and time (set cancellation policy's fee to 0).
  • Partially refundable: Guests could cancel for a partial refund until the indicated date and time (fee above 0).
  • Non-refundable: No cancellation or refund allowed (fee 100% or absolute fee equal to/greater than reservation price).

🚀 See it in Action:

  • Categories Screen: Display all rates or only those with free cancellation.
  • Rates Screen: Automatically sorted rates from free cancellation to non-refundable, making it easy for your guests to find the best option.

Did you make use of this feature last year? We'd love to hear your thoughts! 💬 For a refresher, check out the help article and explore the Mews Booking Engine in detail here.

Happy reminiscing! 🚀

3 replies

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Hi there!

Great to see some improvement in the booking engine!

Could we also have dining options in rates setup, so that guests (and staff within comander) can choose from options like with / without breakfast / full board / half board to select rates? (of course with nice labels attached 😉 )

For us, or in most city settings I believe, the major rate differentiations are non-ref vs. free cancellation and with vs. without breakfast ? Right?

What do you think?



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Hello @j.spiess,

could you add this idea to our Feedback page please? 

Like that it is formally documented and others can upvote it! 🙋

You can also paste the link here once done ✅

Thank you! 

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Hello @MarketaOupi !


Here we go

I hope that the description is point on and not confusing … Kind of hard to describe that, since it involves a couple of changes at different levels (rate based policies, board option, rate groups ,… ).

Hope someone can make sense of it :-)