Important update: Google Hotel Search integration ending

  • 24 May 2024
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Important update: Google Hotel Search integration ending

Dear Community,

We understand that the Google Hotel Search integration is a valuable tool for many of you. It helps boost your visibility on Google and drives more direct bookings to your property. That's why we want to let you know about an important change coming soon. 

What's happening? 

As of July 1st, 2024, Google will stop supporting its integration with Mews. This means that the current Google Hotel Search connection on Mews Marketplace will no longer work. 

Unfortunately, this is Google's decision, and it's not something Mews can control. 

Why is this happening? 

Google hasn't given us a specific reason. They've simply decided to stop supporting integrations like the one with Mews. Rest assured; this isn't targeted specifically at Mews. 

What are we doing about it? 

If you're using Google Hotel Search through Mews, the integration will end on July 1st. But don't worry, you can still get visibility on Google through our partners: Cendyn, D-EDGE, and Triptease. These are paid options, but they offer more advanced tools to drive bookings. 

Partner name  

Product to connect to Google Hotel Search via 

Offer details  

Contact details 

Cendyn (formerly WIHP) 

Cendyn Digital Marketing Platform 

Monthly fee + one-off set up fee 


Reduced rate for Mews customers  


MediaGenius Meta Platform  

Monthly fee + one-off set up fee  


Reduced rate for Mews customers 

[email protected] 


Data Marketing Platform  

Monthly fee 


Reduced rate for Mews customers  



Cendyn's platform boosts direct bookings by connecting Mews to major metasearch engines. This streamlines marketing, letting you personalize campaigns and track results. With combined data from Cendyn and Mews, you get insights to improve decisions and revenue. 

  • Setup: A direct contract with Cendyn is needed, along with one-time and monthly fees. 

  • Training: Cendyn provides training on managing ad campaigns. 

  • Cost: Special rates for Mews customers are available. 


MediaGenius by D-EDGE is the ultimate all-in-one tool, created specifically for the needs of hospitality professionals, that connects your property to Google's Free Booking Links. Put your rates and website link directly on Google Search results to enhance your online visibility and boost your direct bookings. When guests book through this link, you pay no commission. 

  • Setup: Start by signing a contract with D-EDGE, involving a dedicated offer on their regular one-time and monthly fees 

  • Monitoring: Real-time performance tracking with key KPIs like impressions, clicks, and bookings through D-EDGE's platform 

  • Want more? D-EDGE connects you to major metasearch engines of the market and more, just ask for a full demo and explore paid campaigns options. 


The Triptease Data Marketing Platform helps hotels understand their customers, compete with OTAs, and increase direct bookings. Connect to major metasearch platforms, including Google Hotel Search, display your hotel in free booking links and benefit from algorithmic bidding that uses your unique parity data along with many additional bidding levers that other providers can't offer. Use Price Match technology to automatically adjust your prices on metasearch and the booking engine so you beat OTAs every time.

  • Onboarding: The Triptease team will guide you through the switch from Mews.
  • Expertise: Triptease is a leader in data-driven marketing for hotels, offering personalized advice across metasearch, paid search, display, website and booking engine personalization, and CRM strategy.
  • Innovation: A pioneer of the direct booking movement, Triptease develops game-changing technology like Price Match to help hoteliers consistently win on metasearch.

Our partners offer solutions to ensure your hotel remains visible on Google after the integration ends. We apologize for any inconvenience and are here to support you in finding the best option for your property. 

Let us know if you have questions! 

4 replies

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Thanks @aylin.klinge for the insights!

If there is anyone who has experience with D-EDGE or Cendyn please let me know i it would be great to hear some user feedback. I have worked with Triptease myself before. 

Thanks @aylin.klinge for the insights!

If there is anyone who has experience with D-EDGE or Cendyn please let me know i it would be great to hear some user feedback. I have worked with Triptease myself before. 

Hello Femke, my self I didn't work with any of them before, so do you have any feedback about Triptease? Any advice? 

My google hotel search integration is still working? What should I expect? When will it stop?

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Hello @somewhereinnjoel!

the integration is already offline from our side, but your account might be available with outdated information until you connect via another partner or remove your listing.

Our suggestion is to disable and delete the integration as the data is no longer accurate.

Thank you!