Help the planet and cut costs with Mews x Hotels for Trees

  • 12 February 2024
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Help the planet and cut costs with Mews x Hotels for Trees
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It’s hard to imagine any property that isn’t eager to go greener. 

Unfortunately, things that are good for the planet aren’t always good for the pocket. Fortunately, we’ve got something that is. 

In North America, Mews has officially integrated with Hotels for Trees (HfT) – a non-profit foundation working to create a greener hotel world.  

Hotels for Trees is based on a simple but powerful concept. Basically, every time a guest chooses to skip their room cleaning, a tree is planted somewhere in the world.  

And, best of all, it can now be easily managed within the Mews platform.

Check out this video introduction to Hotels for Trees featuring our Customer Success Director, Jason Cadow (@jasoncadow) , that breaks down the advantages HfT has for your property and the environment.


The win-win-win scenario

For guests, hoteliers, and the environment, this partnership is a hat-trick. By opting out of housekeeping services, guests can feel good about contributing to a healthier planet. Hoteliers, on the other hand, can see significant savings by cutting down on cleaning costs, water, and chemical usage.    

Before the integration, guests could choose to use Hotel for Trees by hanging the “skip cleaning” or “Hotel for Trees” hanger on the door. But now, with the Mews integration, guests also have the option to opt-out of cleaning from both the Mews Guest portal and Mews Kiosk. 

Our new integration makes using Hotels for Trees easier than ever. Front office staff can manage opt-in and opt-out of skip cleaning, or housekeeping staff can select “skip cleaning” from the Mews Mobile app if guests add a hanger to the door. 

This means easier planning for everyone. Housekeeping staff will have a clear view of cleaning skipped from the space status report. Management will have access to simplified reporting for cleaning skipped and trees planted from the Spaces status report and export. Plus, you’ll be able to calculate your cost savings per country based on the number of spaces where cleaning was skipped. 

Hotels for Trees by the numbers 

Want to know more about how the Hotel for Trees integration could benefit you and your business? Let’s break it down: 

💰 The cost of cleaning a hotel room in the US is estimated to be between $12 - $35, depending on geography. 

  • $4 of the savings goes to Hotels for Trees, who pledges to plant (at least) 1 tree for each room not cleaned

  • The hotel saves, on average, $8 - $31 for every room not cleaned and can claim the $4 as a charitable gift/donation for tax purposes  

  • Hotels for Trees is an approved 501(c)3 Non-Profit foundation, registered in Delaware 

🌳 Hotel guests feel empowered to make a choice that benefits the planet. 

  • Over 40% of guests that stay more than 1 night prefer to plant a tree 

  •  This is significantly higher than our hotel partners have seen prior to this offering (estimated to be around 10%-15% prior when offering a free drink or loyalty points)  

🏨 Hotel can demonstrate their sustainability consciousness and efforts. 

  • Increase team member engagement and include HfT in their employee branding 

  • Save on cleaning costs and overcome staff shortages 

  • The Mews integration is a turnkey solution – without any upfront costs, contract or commitment 

  • It can be started, stopped/paused, and restarted at any time

What this means for you

As a Mews customer, this partnership creates new opportunities for you to enhance your sustainability efforts, all while enjoying cost savings and operational efficiencies. Several Mews customers are already on board, including names like FINCH — boutique hotel, The Florian, and Hotel Jakarta Amsterdam by WestCord. Care to join them on this green journey?  

Search for ‘Hotels for Trees’ in the Mews Marketplace to connect this integration with Mews or follow this link to our help article for a step-by-step guide. Discover how you can integrate Hotels for Trees into your Mews platform and take the first step towards a more sustainable hospitality experience. 

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