Exciting New Releases in August

  • 31 August 2023
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Exciting New Releases in August
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Summer may be winding down, but our updates are just heating up! Check out the awesome new features we've rolled out this August to supercharge your experience 😎🚀

1. Boost Revenue Intelligence

Cancel availability blocks to get a full picture of your block revenue. Compare group reservations, spot trends, and make smarter revenue decisions to drive sales.

2. Team Empowerment

No more admin hassle! Let your Front Desk and Reservation champs view and manage Mail queue items. Give your guests a stellar experience with quicker access to reservation info and communication history.

3. Billing Made Better

Say goodbye to billing blunders. Now, you can see guest card details in the "Charge and close" process. Prevent chargebacks, minimize errors, and close bills faster.

4. Streamlined Portfolio Insights

Introducing the Availability & Occupancy report for Mews Multi-Property. Get a bird's-eye view of availability and occupancy data across your whole portfolio. Export in a snap or schedule reports for easy peasy management.

5. Portfolio Power-Up with Mews Analytics

Level up your portfolio game with Mews Analytics for Mews Multi-Property. Dive into insights, crunch numbers, and track performance—all from one spot. Make data-driven decisions and rock those interactive dashboards.

Ready to rock these updates? Reach out to your Onboarding Manager to unleash the full potential of Mews Analytics for Mews Multi-Property.

Stay tuned for more amazing features coming your way. Here's to a sensational August with Mews! 🌟


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