Mews In-App Training: Join the Mews University Pilot Program

  • 18 April 2024
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Mews In-App Training: Join the Mews University Pilot Program
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Are you ready to join our exclusive pilot program where you will have the opportunity to shape the evolution of user training directly within the Mews app? If you are eager to form part of this exclusive group, please complete this survey and let's pioneer together!

The Mews University team is always looking to innovate and help customers like yourself make sure employees are trained effectively and they are confident to jump in and use Mews in their daily operations.

That's why we are piloting a new way for users to get up and running with Mews in a more agile way - directly in-app!

Our pilot program will take users through some of the most essential tasks for their day-to-day within your property's Mews demo environment. This will allow them to get hands-on and learn by doing, without the risk of making any errors to live customer data.

Are you ready to help us pilot this new experience? Fill out the survey and a member of our team will reach out to you.


4 replies

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Hi @brenna.oneill ,


thats good news as training to new employees become very important! I did completed the survey & feel free to reach out😎



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Hi @Linus.Bihn,

Thank you for volunteering to participate - we agree that user training is becoming more and more important! I’ll be reaching out shortly with more details. 😃


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And thank you to everyone who has volunteered so far to participate in the Mews University Pilot Program!

We only have 2 more slots available so be sure to fill out the survey as soon as possible so that you can help us pioneer employee training! 🚀

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Hello @brenna.oneill 


Just did the survey. It is a great idea that you have here. Being the one in charge of the ongoing training for actual and future coworkers, it would be of a great help and a great tool to be able to accompany them in their learning process of Mews and our related standard procedure


Not sure I would be reachable by phone, but you will always get an answer by e-mail