Beta Program: the New Guest Portal is here

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Hello! Uma House by Yurbban South Beach would love to be part of the pilot!


Thank you!

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@Vegard Kaspersen thank you again for flagging this bug. Happy to share that this has been updated to “Welcome to [Property Name]” instead of “Welcome to Guest Portal”. So you may want to drop the 1st line from your custom message. 

@marcrovira thanks for your interest - let me review your set-up and get back in touch with you direcrtly by Monday.

Please sign us up 😀

Hello, yes please - please add Boutique Hotel Herman K - we are having the digital key in August! 

Thank you!

We would love for Glamp Nusa, Bali  to be part of the beta version, and it's great to see that the country code for the phone number will be added to MEWS!