Beta Program: the New Guest Portal is here

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At Unfold, we unveiled our vision for a connected guest experience and today we are excited to launch the ✨ New Guest Portal ✨ in BETA.


What’s in it for you?

  • A beautiful design with more room for your brand & property imagery,

  • A chain-centric portal for your guests (guests will no longer see any bookings in properties from other chains in the same portal),

  • A more intuitive guest journey + a small but mighty tweak to collect better telephone numbers with country codes,

  • A single-trip view showing all reservations in one place (i.e. room + parking + meeting room).

Join the BETA to shape the future of the Mews Guest Experience with your feedback.


What will guests see?


  • Guests will be invited to complete their online check-in or to visit the guest portal just like they are today for the “old” portal. They simply need to click to get started.
  • The Online Check-in flow has been revamped for an easier navigation.
  • The new Homepage presents all relevant details about the trip, contact information for your property and more.
  • The Online Check-out flow has not changed… yet 😉.

Is my property eligible?

We are still working on adding functionalities in the new portal, for now some steps are missing (and will soon be added back):

  • Collecting details from companions and not just the main guest,
  • Offering the option to skip cleaning with the Hotels For Trees integration,
  • Upselling extra services, including hourly services, during online check-in,
  • Cancelling a reservation directly from the guest portal,
  • Giving guests the option to pay early during online check-in instead of on schedule following the automated payment schedule in place.


How can you get started?

  • Reply to this thread with the property you would like to add to this BETA and I’ll get in touch to make it happen.
  • The BETA is open to properties who are already using the Guest Portal today or those who want to give it a try.
  • If you’re already using the Guest Portal, no changes are needed in Mews Operations, the new portal will simply replace the old one.
  • But we’ll soon be sharing more tips about how you can refresh your set-up!

We’re excited to share this journey with you! We’ll post updates and tips via the Community in our Learn & Share series. Please share your questions and feedback in the thread below.

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Happy to test the beta at Villa Monte! 

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Yes please!

Lets kick it off with WestCord Art Hotel Amsterdam, Hotel Jakarta Amsterdam and WestCord City Centre Hotel Amsterdam

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really waiting long time for this!


YUST Hotel Antwerp

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Yes!!!: Esplanade Hotel Cologne

Sounds good to me! Can we test this at Ocean House Scheveningen as well?


The Lakeside Manor Hotel, Virginia, Cavan, Ireland

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Yes please!

UDS hotels properties (all 3 of them)



very nice we would be happy to test the beta at :

Whitepod Original

Hotel de Commune

Peanut Mountain lodge & Le Communal 

Saint -Ursanne
Hotel Pizzo Vogorno


thank you very much ! 

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Hi Olivia,


thank you for the post, im looking forward to the renewed Guest Portal.

could you please add Slow Travel Resort Kirchleitn and Eco Lodges Millstätter See to the beta.?




BR Martijn 

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Hi @Olivia.Dingreville,

Looks great! We would love to take part in this beta test however before we decide on the properties; could you please let us know when core functionality like upselling and cancelling of a reservation will be added to the new portal?




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We want: Smarthotel Oslo :D

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Yes please.

Hotel “ Auberge St Pol BV” 🤗

Hey Olivia, we’d love to join with Samesun Toronto and Samesun Montreal please. Great stuff! :) 

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@SimonR @mauritsbots @DirkVanGompel @mewsmaniac @MikeRoefs @Lakeside Manor @RURURUDS @Antoinefedal @Martijn Coolen Slow Traveling @Vegard Kaspersen @barb00sa @phil.m Thanks for your replies and excited to start this BETA with you. Let me reach out to you individually between today & tomorrow as I check the set-up for your properties and let you know when this is turned on. 

@Roy thanks for your interest! For clarity, product upselling is already supported. Service upselling & cancelling are planned to come back in the next few months but don’t have an exact timeline yet. I’ll share the update with this group as the dates are set. 

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Please add ONDA Playa Grande.

Do you expect to add Digital Key support for Assa Abloy Visionline?

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Hi Olivia!

We would love to try this for our ONDA Playa Grande property!



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Happy to see that it is now getting started :-)

Please enable this for Hey Lou Hotel Monheim + Frankfurt




yes sign me up @machefert group in paris


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Hi, Hotel Andante wants to test it too :)

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hey hey, 

MOA Berlin and Hotel Heidegrund would love to join the beta as well. 

Thank you very much 😊



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@andante @Mariusz Siwkowski thank you for your interest. I will review the set-up for your properties and contact you directly on Monday. 

I believe I have contacted everyone one else in the group, if you any follow up questions let me know!

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Dear @Olivia.Dingreville ,

Please add Golden Tulip Keyser and Hotel Botanique Breda as well in the beta if possible.


Thank you!

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@Milou I’ve just contacted you by email with more details 😊

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We just launched the beta today, and the overall look is fantastic!

However, when I completed my online check-in, it felt a bit anticlimactic. I wasn’t entirely sure if I had finished the process. It would be helpful to have a clear message like “You have completed the check-in” at the end. Although this information is included in the check-in instructions, it wasn’t very obvious after reading them.

Additionally, I noticed that the check-in instructions have the headline “Welcome to guest portal” followed by “Welcome to Smarthotel Oslo.” is that correct?


Have a great day!


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@Vegard Kaspersen thanks for this feedback - let me pass it on to the team right away so we can remove the “Welcome to Guest Portal” bit. Looks like a mistake in our translation set-up.  

Also taking your feedback on how we could clarify this final step.