Beta program: New Global Search

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Based on our Mewsers’ feedback, our engineers have been working on a new search experience that’s aimed at making your life a lot easier.

With a new and improved interface, the new search allows you to quickly identify which one of the results is what you are looking for, as well as search for reservations by companion names, partial matches and a more intelligent sorting of results by those who have been or will be at the hotel closest to today. 


How does it work?

Just like today - but better! The search bar is slightly larger and the interface has been improved.

The new experience is expected to do everything that exists today plus:

  •  Search reservations also by companions!
  •  Get searching quickly from anywhere via a new keyboard shortcut (Alt+F on Windows | Option+F on Mac)
  • More information on the results, allowing you to pick the right one
    •  Guests will show their email, reservations will show guest name and dates... so that the user is much more likely to click on the correct one!
  • Save favorites (per user) - a great opportunity to pin your commonly searched terms, top accounts, and Mews pages
  • Partial matches, case and accent insensitive
    • You can now search by partial matches of first names, surnames, 3rd party booking IDs, emails and phone numbers!
      • You can now search for “jose”, and “José Silva” will also show in the results!
      • Phone formatting works in every way: +, spaces, ( ) ... it doesn't matter. You type it, we find it!
  • In-house guests will appear above others; and the rest will follow a sequence of most-to-least likely to be useful to you based on stay dates, reservation statuses, and guest attributes (status/number of returns)
  • Search by travel agencies, contracts, availability blocks...


How can I get started?

  • Reply to this thread with the property name (and if it's either in demo, or live) you’d like added to this beta! The new search will be enabled to Beta pilots mid-March.

Please ask any questions or share any feedback you have below. Happy Searching!

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Live environment WestCord Hotel Delft!

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The Inn on Ferry Street

The Shire Woodstock

Historic Hotel Nichols

Hotel Ella


All live environments!

Hi @ettore.zotarelli - very interested in testing this at a few properties. Can we start with Rancho Caymus Inn (prod acct), and I’ll revert back with a few others as well? Thanks!

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Live environment Nomade Tulum, Be Tulum and Nomade Holbox

Live Hotel Arsenaal by WestCord

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Woow !   Cool feature!


Yust hotel antwerp

yust hotel liege


when would this be active?

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Hello @ettore.zotarelli 


Let’s go for it in the live environment for Hotel de la Couronne in Liège 😉







Very nice. The Hotel Engel Switzerland is inn to test that

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Sounds amazing! Do you have a demonstration video of the features that I can share with the business before we turn it on? 

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Thank you everyone for your interest so far, I'm loving the enthusiasm! 💙

I'm hoping to start enabling it for you all mid-March (👀 @DirkVanGompel )

@Mick Great question! I have not shared any screenshots yet as we are still finishing some of the fine-tunes of the interface. Sizes, shapes, spaces and all that jazz. 🎨
But I can say with confidence that there should not be any learning needed when it comes to the interaction with the new search. In other words, it is expected to do everything the existing one did, with a remarkably familiar look and feel.

I cannot wait to share more about this project with this fantastic community!

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Thanks Ettore,

I prefer to get out in front and let team members know of any changes that impact them either positively or negatively, especially a significant change like the search bar which will impact users immediately.

Once ready, can you please share a video so we can review and publish on our internal communication platform prior to us receiving the feature. 

We’re keen for the feature but want to ensure our users are informed.


Thank you in advance. 

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Live environment Hotel du Rhone Sion, Switzerland 

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Hi Ettore,


We would like to test this feature out as well!

UDS Hotels : all day place shibuya, SOKI ATAMI, SOKI KANAZAWA



Genki Takahashi 

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We would to be a part of in Maison Cassandre live envirennment



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Hello Ettore!
this looks really interesting. I would love to be enrolled into this beta program. I have 5 hotels I want to enroll this on and they are in the live enviorment.

Profilhotels Halmstad Plaza

Profilhotels Opera
Profilhotels Calmar Stadshotell
Profilhotels Nacka
Good Morning Hotels Arlanda


It would be good to enroll 32 more if that is possible. If so, please send me a DM and I can send you a list with the properties it includes.

Have a great day!


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Hi @ettore.zotarelli ,


please add Styles Hotel Frankfurt Airport (Production) on your list




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Hi @ettore.zotarelli looking great please add the Paulinenhof live environment on the List

thank you


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Hi @ettore.zotarelli,
Looking forward to this feature. Please include the below two live environments:

  1. Savoy Hotel Rotterdam
  2. The Manor Amsterdam


Demo environment “DEMO Maritim Hotel Düsseldorf” please, thank you!

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Hi @ettore.zotarelli,

feel free to activate the feature in the following live properties:

  • harry’s home Zürich-Wallisellen
  • harry’s home Zürich-Limmattal
  • harry’s home Bern-Ostermundigen
  • harry’s home Wien Millenium-Tower

Demo properties:

  • harry’s home Telfs

Might come around with more hotels as time flies by.

Thanks in advance!

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Hello everyone!

@Eric Kröll@Svenja @RURURUDS @shivbear @DirkVanGompel : your demo properties already have the new search!

I have started enabling the new search for demo environments - I want to give a day or two before enabling it live just to give it time for more eyes to potentially catch anything we may have missed.



This is a very interesting feature !!
Could you activate Valdys Hôtel Valdys la Baie**** & l'Escale Marine** in production ?


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@ettore.zotarelli Hi, that's a great update!

Live environment for Meiser Design Hotel please. I'd be happy about a quick reply.


Demo environment “Maritim Hotel Amsterdam New Demo” please, thank you!

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Hello everyone!
A quick update on the beta: all the ones who requested the new search on their demos should have it now - please let me know if I missed anyone.

For live properties, we are still polishing a few of the improvements and guaranteeing feature parity to what you already have today before I enable the new search - just to make sure everything is ship shape to the best of my knowledge.

Thanks again for all your support! I'll keep y'all posted as this advances! 💚