VAT number on invoice.

  • 17 January 2023
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Dear Mews friends,
I am having a problem with the listing of our VAT number on the invoices. The data of the customer is clearly listed including his VAT number, but our VAT number is not listed on the invoice. This data is entered correctly in settings, property, and general settings. Our own data are mentioned twice on the invoice.

Below the example.



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Hi barb00sa,

we have added our VAT number as part of the address (where you have the email addresses)

perhaps you could look at re-designing where / how your address details come up and take some of the information out so that you have less lines. perhaps look at using a footer to the invoice (we have done that with mentioning the reservations email address for example)

i have to admit, i am going to “steal” your idea of adding the website to the header :)

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Hi Simone,

thank you very much for your help. 
At first, I thought that these fields were pre-filled automatically according to a standard.
But through “Menu”, “Finance”, “Accounting configuration” I was able to make the adjustments. 
Here I modified the code with the program " word to html" and added the VAT number.
Looks better now, maybe some more alignment ;-)


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New update for this matter on mews, see this link:

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Only sad that the feature doesn’t work…

All fields are filled-in; however the data doesn’t show on the invoices...

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Hope this can help you out:


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@barb00sa I did this steps; however, apparently this is only supported for invoices and not for bills… But in our region the Bank details are to be mentioned on both bills and invoices. I’ve already created a ticket with mews about it.