Returning customers and credit card problems

  • 18 September 2023
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Dear Mews freaks here,

does anyone have the same problem as me? If there is a direct reservation from a customer or is a returning customer who has a credit card in his customer record an automatic mail is still sent to the customer to say that there is no credit card in the system for him even though he has given it on the phone. Is there any way to do this when a reservation is made for a returning customer that the credit card is automatically linked to the new reservation? And furthermore, when we are checking in a customer, Mews indicates that no pre-authorization was made for the reservation even though it is present in the system. Is there any way to avoid this. Hope someone can help me with this?



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Hi @barb00sa

Yes, we all have the same experience. 

I believe this is a payment regulation related to PSD3 and a way to help prevent chargebacks, the customer rmust explicitly provide permission to charge the card. A team member entering a credit card into Mews is not the guest explicitly providing permission. 

  1. If the guest makes the reservation on the BE or via OTA the card is attached to the guest profile & reservation and will be charged by any auto settlement rule. 
  2. If the credit card is entered into Mews by reception or Central Reservations, then the card is attached to the guest profile & will not be charged automatically UNLESS the guest completed the online check-in and confirms the card.

Here is a feature request to allow automatic settlement of manually made reservations

Hope that makes sense.