Reservation overview upgrade ?

  • 15 February 2024
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Hello Mewsers


Just creating this topic to catch the attention of the “devs” around ( @Aldair Borges maybe 😉) on the forum regarding the reservation overview options and filters


There are a few requests already on the feedback forum about getting more filters or display options regarding that particular report. See examples here after:


Just wondering if it was on the roadmap for 2024 because I don’t think I saw this topic treated in the Webinar video related to the 2024 Roadmap?…


It is clear to me that it should, if not yet, be added as soon as possible but I’m open and ready to hear about your impressions. I, for one, would love to have the possibility to filter my arrivals by Travel Agency through that overview without having to generate a specific reservation report


Thank you all for your attention





2 replies

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And if I may add to this post, even if I think it has already been discussed a special reservation category flagged as “Group Reservation” that could be overviewed in an instant by just filter them through that specific category.


The ideau would be of course to flag it while encoding it


Voilà voilà



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Hi @smehia

We’d also love to see a group vs FIT flag on reservations which enables reporting based on group vs FIT.