Reporting Variances in Totals for same periods across reports

  • 9 February 2024
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Does anyone else experience a variance between the totals that these two reports deliver for the same dates “Managers report vs Reservations report Group by SEGMENT”



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2 replies

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Hi Darren,

It depends with the selection that you do in both reports. Can you maybe elaborate on the filters that you are using? Like filter, options and status?

Furthermore what is the start and end date and time that you are using?

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Hi @Darren Kearney

The reservation report will include the total revenue of the reservations in the report, there is no way that i know of to limit the results displayed in Mews to a particuliar day or period. 

Example: If you run for the 1st of Feb 2024 & look at the reservations in detail, you will see multi night reservations total cost being attibuted to the totals. 

If you run the managers report & the accounting report for the same time period, the total revenue figures will match. 

However, there is a way to cross check the resertvation report. If you’d like to verify the managers report total room revenue against the reservation report, it is possible to export to excel & manually calculate the totals. Run the reservation report in detail mode, for the date period and export it to excel, on the nights tab you can total the date or date range & this should match Mews manangers report & the accounting report.

Hope this helps.