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  • 15 March 2023
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Hey all


We want to change the settings for the online Check-in via Mews connector.

Does anyone have an idea where we can change the settings?


All our rooms are paid before guest arrivals. Therefore we do not want to ask again for their cc within the online check-in.


Can somebody help and give me a reply where i have to change the setting?


Looking forward to some help


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Hi Sabine 


Unfortunately, it's not possibly to disable this.

From what I was told, Mews will always request a credit card during the online check-in, especially when the reservation wasn't made via the Mews BE. In their way of thinking you can only be sure (or at least very very sure) that it's a valid card of the guest, when the card was entered by the guest and linked to the booking. All cards entered in another way (staff, channel manager, payment request...) are either not linked to the booking (staff or PR) or are not considered as entered by the guest (CM). 

This to increase card security for both you and the guests and helping you to prevent chargebacks. Therefore you also have a card on file or any incidentals or damages.




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Hello Sabine,

this is Markéta from Mews.

thank you for this question and also for being part of our Community! 🌟

What @MatthiasH said as absolutely right, having CC details on file is an additional level of security for the hotels, also in case of some unexpected costs.

I discussed this internally and at the moment we are not considering changing this, but please feel free to suggest this on our feedback page which is being monitored and popular features are being prioritized.

Thank you and have a wonderful day! 🌞