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  • 2 April 2024
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We operate capsule hotels, and our operations are mostly automated to allow the host more space to be there for the guest.

The biggest issue we are facing at the moment is with online check-in. We use a solution from Goki that actually starts the reservation after completing the online check-in. However, as this solution is not as well-integrated as the one from Mews, we are experiencing difficulties in obtaining data from companions and also with early check-ins.

Is the feature planned that the online check-in also starts the reservation on the day of arrival when the room is inspected?

This would provide great value for all properties that use pin codes for doors, as the trigger to generate a personal pin code is the status change of the reservation from confirmed to started.

Question: Is this planned, or is there a way to make this work?


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Hi @Hendrik Renken 

In the Mews API, this is available - Mews will output a so-called webhook whenever the status of a room changes (f.e. from Clean to Dirty): - See Resource updated

Goki could implement this to enable the flow as you imagine, while you would need to discuss with them if this fits their product strategy / ideas.

Let me know if questions - best, Marc


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Hey Marc, 


Thanks for your answer, appreciate that! 

Goki currently uses that webhook and their solution with online check-in pretty much works how we need it. 

Its more about the integration of data to mews as Goki can not send the companions data, also upsell in the process is not possible. So would love to actually use the product from mews with that functionality of starting the reservation on the day of arrival. 


Sorry, if i was a bit unclear in my first message 



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Hi @Hendrik Renken 

In principle it should be possible to do an online check-in over the Mews customer facing functionality and then the real check-in over Goki, while the challenge for Goki probably is to recognize that an online check-in has happened before.

Mews seems to track internally a status “Online checked-in”, while to my knowledge, this status is not available to retrieve over API. So when the trigger comes that the room is clean, Goki does not know if all the prerequisites were fulfilled or not, and needs to check/compare them in detail.

With other solutions, we use the workaround to set a task over API when an online check-in has completed (which we can then again retrieve over API), but the Mews Online Check-In does not set this.

Alternatively Goki could build the missing features (complete companion information, upsell), they are all available over API, but probably quite some work => comes back to product strategy.

Best, Marc