How to create a rate with a product included

  • 27 March 2024
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Hallo everyone! 

We are a new property and new with Mews. We are facing some difficulties adding the breakfast in the OTAs and creating the rates with a product including depending on the occupancy. The price of the product/breakfast does not reflect to as an example. Everything is mapped through XML/ channel manager but still the error occurs in Mews.

We followed those steps:


and we also created the product and everything. 


n this article, you can learn how to:


Can you share your best practises?

Thank you all ! 


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Hello Anastasia, 

great question! The system cannot send the product price to the Channel manager when packaging products using product rules. It can only include the product price in the offer price, when the reservation arrives to Mews.

There is, however, another way for to do packages in Mews. For Mews to communicate the product price to the Channel manager, product needs to be mapped to the rate in the Channel manager rates.
You will need to go to your Marketplace → Select your Channel Manager → map a breakfast product →  connect it to the rate that includes the breakfast.

What is going to happen then? Mews will send a night price as night rate+ the price of the product.

I can also recommend opening a Help Center guide for your Channel Manager specifically and see how the product packages should be done there. Some Channel Managers require additional steps on their side, so it would be the safest option to make sure you have done all the steps.

If everything is mapped correctly as per the instructions from the guide, and still no luck, this would have to be reported to the Mews support. Hope it helps!