How can I route Accomodation Items to a seperate bill automatically?

  • 16 March 2023
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We would like to automatically route all accomodation items to one Bill, and then all on-site adds to a 2nd Bill.

This helps us for a few internal accounting reasons, and is helpful to guests.

Is there a way to set a rule to do this automatically?  I feel there should be, only coming up short right now :)




3 replies

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Hi Ethros!

You can set up Routing Rules per Company or Travel Agent, see Companies & Travel Agencies: Routing rules (

Good luck 😀

Regards, Sanne 

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HI @Sanne 

Yes - that is where I started.

We are trying to do this globally - for every guest.  Not specifically to a particular company or TA.

Apologies if that was not clear

Thank you


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Aha, I understand. Unfortunately that can't be done automatically. A workaround might be to create a fake TA or Company and set up a routing rule for that profile with certain stay product categories. 

The downside is that you then have to link this TA/company to every reservation - which may not always be possible. 

Not sure if there is an idea on the feedback page, might be worth to take a look and upvote or submit!

Have a nice day 😄