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  • 15 March 2023
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Hi All, 


We are looking for some good mobile first housekeeping software to implement with Mews. The Functionality in mews is to limiting for us and is not clear enough on the housekeepers side. One of the most important features is the realtime room/space status in mews, so once a room is marked as clean by a housekeeper it should instantly update the space status to clean or inspected in Mews. 

Also, housekeepers should see all booked products and note’s clearly, not hidden away somewhere and what would be even better if they would get a “task list” per room with everything that should be done extra like adding rose petals or a bottle of champagne.


After some research I found Flexkeeper and it looks really appealing with all the features we would like to see. But I was wondering if there is anybody here who has experience with Flexkeeper or perhaps any other tool that works for them. 

3 replies

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Hello Dirkjan,


thank you for this great question, this is Markéta from Mews! 🍀

I actually tried all that out in my Demo and App and I believe that our App is able to handle what you are looking for. 

First I marked some rooms as clean in the App and in my Space status this also changed within seconds (after refreshing the screen). 

Then I added some notes to a reservation via Properties tab and created a task via Status tab.

I opened my App and checked the tasks, I am able to see the task, its description and also the notes. 🙌

Let me know if I am forgetting something 🙂

I am sharing also our article on Housekeeping apps - Flexkeeper is one of them, but this question could be better answered by other properties, that are actually using these integrations.

Have a wonderful day! 🌞


Hello Markéta, thank you for your answer.


i know what the Mews app does we use it currently, but it does not do everything i want.

It does not show the booked products.

Also it shows all the note’s even all the ota note’s like “pre-paid charges” or “ free upgrades” etc. This clutters the notes and thus people get lazy and eventually don’t even read the notes anymore.


it has no options to create tasks every x days automatically like turn over mattresses or check shower drain or clean windows.


also i would like the housekeepers to be able to report maintenance issues without blocking the room and with pictures. A scratch in the floor or a dent in the wall should not block the room or put it out of service, something like that can be fixed next week or even later. And it would be handy if you could add maintenance staff who automatically get a push notification that a maintenance task was created. 

i am wondering what apps other properties use.

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Hello Dirkjan,

thank you for the specification!

I do understand that the Mews housekeeping app is not perfect (yet 😉) but at Mews, we love new ideas!

It would be awesome, if you could share your comments on our feedback page which is monitored by our product mangers and popular ideas are being implemented.

Make sure that your colleagues also vote for this idea, so you create more traction.

Thank you for making Mews better! 🌺